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soundtrack of my summer

“Your voice, was the soundtrack of my summer…”

This morning on the way to work, I was listening to Owl City’s Vanilla Twilight. I love listening to good music while the jeepney speeds along south luzon expressway. Pag dating ko work, tuyo na ung nalimutan kong i-blowdry na buhok. (Rarely happens, I tell you.) Iba na rin ang hair style dahil sa hangin sa express way. Pero naka tuck naman ung hair bangs ko sa gigantic headphones, so nagkaka hairstyle na rin naman siya.

Then I realized, for every part ng life ko, nagkakaron na sila ng soundtrack based on my iPod’s “On the Go” playlist for the season. Like when I hear “Over You” or “Love Drunk”, they remind me of the days in September and October. (awww… char!)

Dati, I remember I used to really love ung Thunder ng BoysLikeGirls. Pero, I found out something. Well, let’s just say hindi masaya ang naaalala ko pag naririnig ko yun. Hehe. Kaya, every time I come across that song sa playlist ko, I skip it kasi it just reminds me of sad things.

Ngayon, I listen to light, beautiful love songs, like Owl City and Taylor Swift. They make me feel happy despite of my emo-ness na continuously nag lelevel-up. (Hehe, joke lang. Di ako emo, pag may time lang.) Some songs feel very redeeming. They’re nice to listen to and they really change your mood.

But, sabi nga ng isang officemate ko na si jojo, it depends on your mood. heehee.

Good thing is, recently, the songs I listen to are turning happier now. ^^

…and Thunder is starting to sound beautiful again.

“So, bring on the rain…”


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i swear i won’t forget you

Because I’ll doze off safe and soundly
but I’ll miss your arms around me
I’d send a postcard to you, dear
Because I wish you were here.

The silence isn’t so bad,
Till I look at my hands and feel sad.
Because the spaces between my fingers
are right where yours fit perfectly.

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i try…

I may appear to be free
But I’m just a prisoner of your love
And I may seem all right and smile when you leave
But my smiles are just a front
Just a front, hey

I play it off, but I’m dreaming of you
I’ll keep my cool, but I’m feigning

I try to say goodbye and I choke
Try to walk away and I stumble
Though I try to hide it, it’s clear

My world crumbles when you are not near

: (

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run, baby, run.

Run baby, run.

Don’t ever look back.

They’ll tear us apart, if you give them the chance.

Don’t sell your heart, don’t say we’re not meant to be.

I’ll be waiting.

Wishing. Wanting.

Yours for the taking.

Just sneak out and don’t tell a soul goodbye.

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