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Gonna Drive Around

I was the one who drove the car last sunday with my mom, aunt and cousin. While driving on the way home…
Mom: “Okay na pala si Terri mag drive eh. I’m impressed!”
Kuya Vhal: “Next week pwede niyo na nga siya iwan mag isa eh!”
Terri: “Yeah mom, lemme go drive around.”
Mom: “Naku. Magdadasal muna ako.”
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時間をまもる。 jikan o mamoru.

During our discussion this morning on differences between the Japanese and Filipino IT business practice, we have discussed about how the Japanese are very particular with time.

We have discussed that for the Filipinos, it’s not a big deal if you’re late when you’re meeting with someone. It’s actually expected that somebody will always be more than 30 minutes late when you’re going to meet with someone.

However, for the Japanese, it’s a must to be there 5 minutes before the meeting time. Even 30 minutes is better, for you to be prepared and for you to be able to mitigate your risks of  failure.

Then Hanagata-san said, when he meets with his girlfriend, he has to be there 30 minutes or even 1 hour before. We were all like,  “…eehhhhh?! O_O”

Because the girlfriend is a very important customer, ne? ^^ and as we have discussed, we are aiming to not just meet but to exceed customer satisfaction.

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It feels weird every time na mag “Para!” ka sa jeep, everybody in it would stare at you. Nahihiya tuloy ako bumaba, naka skirt pa naman ako madalas.



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