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they’re making money out of everything


Because many people have been joining, registration fees for Fun Runs are getting more expensive, it’s starting to get ridiculous.

I remember last year, for 250 Peso registration fee, you could get your singlet with your race number and some freebies after the run.

But this time, registrations fees are over 500 pesos!

I really enjoy participating in fun runs like these, but as the registration fees get more unnecessarily expensive, it makes me think of why would you still pay that much if you can just run on your own?

Back then, it was fun when they weren’t so greedy about it. It WAS when it was called FUN RUN.

Globe Run for Home = 3k/5k is 550 php.

Greenmiles = 5K is 500 php.

Unilab Run for Wellness = 5K is 550 php.

… list of races from

: ( hay naku.

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nothing special

I’m sorry, but have you seen the new Starbucks Planner 2010?

It’s boring.

I learned yesterday that they’re gonna finally release it. So I dragged some of my officemates along with me to the nearest Starbucks here in Madrigal Business Park.

It was pretty much a moment that I have been anticipating for quite some time this year, because I have been collecting the Starbucks planner ever since 2005. Except for last year’s. Kasi nasa Japan ako.

When I got inside, and saw the planner … I deadpanned (with an eyebrow raised). “Eto na?!”

Maybe it was just me and my typical high expectations of Starbucks Planners.

Hello Starbucks, we pay good, hard-earned money for your over-priced planners EVERY YEAR and this is what you’re going to give your loyal customers?

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet, why don’t you go to the nearest starbucks from where you’re sitting,  (If you’re in makati, probably within 20 feet radius. You have starbucks in every block in that city.) and see for yourself.

Starbucks Planner 2010 is so overrated.

(Ako lang may violent reaction kasi ang panget ng weather.)


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So I feel a little angry a while ago.  And I feel bad about it. I guess things have been piling up today that I wasn’t able to watch my temper.

(no, wala naman ako nagawang damage or something) I made a little comment (also known as “ranting”) a while ago during meeting. One of my officemates told me that I really do look scary when I get angry, because I rarely get angry.

So pag galit ako… O_____O.

I don’t like being angry actually, because after the anger leaves, you’re left with nothing but sadness. It feels really bad. :(

I’m sorry, you guys, if natakot kayo sakin. :( I rarely get angry, really.

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