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cute little things

hindi naman mahirap ngumiti.

I remember I used to do this often, around the time bago ako mapunta ng nihon. Neri even said na I was so cheerful dati na para akong may rainbow sa likod. Ngayon daw it feels like meron ako palaging cloud looming over head.

well recently, I noticed na hindi naman pala ganun ka hirap ngumiti.

(post muna ako ng isa habang inaantay mag back up ang office machine ^^)


White Hat

honey oats and choco rice puffsNasanay nako na during after lunch recently, Jobelle and I would go to Whitehat in ATC and other the usual. It’s really nice there, even if the place is small and even if a cup of frozen yogurt is so expensive. Masarap naman. ^^





Iced Gems

I actually didn’t know na Iced Gems pala tawag dito. ^_^ Kung hindi pa ako binigyan ni Mark. Alam ko lang, when I was still a kid, I would eat only the icing part and throw away the cookie. I’m not sure if it still tasted that way, because it was quite some time ago since huli ako nakatikim ng iced gems. aheehee.


Fancy Little Band Aid

Often times, pag naghuhugas ako ng kamay, makikita ko na lang na may sugat na ko agad. Hindi ko alam kung san ko nakuha, pero madalas yun nangyayari. I always had isang set ng mga band aids, na may smileys pa. pero naubos ko na. A while ago, buti na lang binigyan ako ng officemate ko. ^_^

Ayun …  so smile today, ha?


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My Office Seatmate

We like to sing a lot. Mostly rock songs. TBS, MCR, Foo Fighters. Usually in the morning, one of us will start with a line, unconsciously of course, then all throughout the day, we would be singing something related to that.

Right now, the current LSS is Ordertaker. Cracks me up every time. Lol.

Wait, I think it’s gonna change to Gift Rappers now. haha!

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