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the Trip to Muji, Manila

Dear All,

After I have heard that Muji shall be opening a store in Manila, I was very excited and swore that I will have to go there on the first week. Even posted this one, last month.


Ate on the way to Muji


You see, Muji is quite popular in Japan. When I was still living in Kanagawa 2 years ago, I go to Muji for some necessities. They have good quality office supplies. The kitchen and bath stuff were also nice… tapos they’re the only brand in the world na may face powder na hindi ako nangangati. -_- Kaya sa kanila ako bumibili.

So when I went there kanina with my sister… all excited and stuff. I was expecting na maraming tao… pero I wasn’t expecting na jam-packed siya!! I mean, sa sobrang dami ng tao, hassle mag dala ng basket and usually meron ka maapapakan ng paa.

I saw a lot of Japanese too. I wonder ano kaya iniisip nila when they saw yung mga pinoy nag kakagulo sa Muji. I overheard a family talking to each other, arguing if they should still fall in line. The wife was saying something like, “Eh ang haba ng pila, bibilin ba natin ito?”

Kanina rin, the end of the long line was exactly in front of the bean bags. Two teenagers na babae sat there. The Japanese couple apparently didn’t know that the teenagers were in line, kasi nakaupo sila sa bean bags (-__-). The Japanese apparently were too hesitant to ask if that was the end of the line, and even if the two girl teenagers saw them, they just ignored. The rest of the people who want to fall in line are confused now kung san ba yung dulo ng line.

I looked around some more, despite the overwhelming crowd.

It felt very much like Japan Muji. The product information sticker of the usual Muji is still on their merchandise. They have the usual clothes and shoes area, Japanese style clothes of course. Oh, nakita ko din dun yung nag sale na 500yen per pair na boots – parang ganyan. Lots of kitchen stuff, home things. They also had those little snacks, office supplies, cosmetics, containers, bags, furniture … dun ko din nakita yung low-resistance pillow na ginamit ko dati sa Nihon. That was the best pillow ever. Kukunin ko na dapat pero nagulat ako it was 2,250 pesos. O__O.


Cap with the Muji Product information stamp - the original pa.


Pero I converted it to Yen, and realized na it was only 4.2k yen. I realized, it didn’t sound expensive at all pag in yen. Pero yung dalawang libong peso na unan, parang sobrang impractical. Na realize ko na tuloy ang isang major difference nung Muji na nakasanayan ko sa Japan at ang Muji na nasa Manila. …. Hindi na yen ang kinikita ko monthly. :( (lolz. ang labo! ako pala may dipirensya! XD)

If you are an average pinoy who doesn’t own a house somewhere in Forbes of Dasmariñas Village, you will realize that buying every day stuff there is rather impractical. Sure, masaya sila bilin kasi galing Japan and they have good quality. Pero ako kasi, naramdaman ko na naman yung difference when I was in Japan and in here. There are other places and other brands here in the Philippines na maganda naman yung quality.

I guess, it could also be one of those, doesn’t matter if they’re horribly expensive. It’s Muji. Hehe. Sige.


When we got in the store, ate and I grabbed a basket. We were expecting marami kami bibilin. After a looking around, and having second thoughts, she was like, "Ok, how do we discreetly return the basket?"


The prices of the items are the original japan price + a few percent. Which is okay really. Of course dapat may profit, right? You will see pala yung mga products nila, may YEN price pa. Like yung compact face powder ko, which I only get in Muji, 1000 yen siya. It’s about 530 pesos. They’re selling it for 595 pesos. The difference is not much, yun nga lang, if you’re buying the stuff in peso, feeling ko hindi na masyadong practical. Siguro pag a few things na special or if pag nanalo ka sa lotto, or if you earn 95k pesos monthly. :)

Overall, for me Muji is a little overrated. After all the hype I have been posting all over my FB and my blog. :)) haha. My own fault, I have been expecting too much rin and didn’t realize that the worth of the products will be different.

*la la la la* … onward my sisters and brothers to the next Japan Store in Manila adventure.


Elle Cross

PS: I can’t wait na magkaron ng Uniqlo in Manila. ;))

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