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problem child

crying sa taxi. pathetic.

feeling ko, every time I hope, it’s cursed na hindi mangyayari whatever it was that I was hoping for.

I was told before by one of my good friends, na in his little group, I was the one whom he considers to be their problem child. Yung bata na hindi na natuto. Kahit ilang beses nadapa, yun at yun parin yung gagawin and madadapa parin the same way.

You know, hindi ako masochistic. I don’t like pain, thank you very much. Pero I just like holding on to something that I wish to happen. There’s nothing wrong with hoping for something we wish right? Lalo na if you know na it also involves something na we know could make someone else happy.

rain. kala ko it couldn’t get any worse, pero it rained… and wala ako dalang payong kasi I have my tripod and gym gear with me.

problem child.

grow up. get up and bring an umbrella, for crying out loud.

Dahil you expected it to rain next week, it probably won’t anymore.

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