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let sleeping dogs lie

Max, our 3 month old, pure breed Golden Retriever, is full of energy. He’s so full of energy sometimes pagod nako, siya hindi pa. He would bite on stuff, he would run around, pounce around (I thought only Tigger did this?! I was misinformed!), playfully bite my hand, sniff crotches, pee and poop. He specially loves the towels, the slippers and some leaves sa bakuran namin.

It amuses me though, that even if Max is like a 2 year old kid na mabilis tumakbo and maingay, every thing is worth it pag niyayakap mo na siya. It’s worth it every time you see him obey a command, when he comes running to you pag uwi mo or when you call his name. His ears will flap about, and with his tongue hanging out he will run up to you and slobber all over you. haha!

Mahilig siya mang-damba .. iniisip ko nga, pano pag laki niya?! T_T He’ll be like 65-70lbs. Tapos he will perch on you?! O__O Hehe.

Max likes to sleep beside his Cookie Monster slipper. Kasi daw, it's his "sleeper"! ahehehe

When we finally get him to sleep sa cage niya, which is inside the house, we try to keep it down para hindi siya magising. Kasi super likot niya pag wala sa cage, pag nasa cage naman and nakikita niya na may tao pa na gising, he will bark and whine the whole time. So I get up from my laptop, and let him out. Lakad-lakad, tapos play with him a little, tapos hug him until antukin siya.

Kanina, nakalabas kasi ung tripod ng camera ko. I was trying to take a picture of him, pero madilim masyado sa house, kaya naka tripod ako (this statement makes sense, trust me). Tapos, while the tripod was around on my right side, may lumipad na ipis sa isang side ko!! So nagulat ako, napatayo and na-atrasan ko yung tripod ko – kung saan nakamount pa ung Nikon D80 ko.

Imagine my shock nung nakita ko na nahulog yung SLR ko, and natamaan yung cage ni Max kung san siya natutulog, then nahulog sa floor.


Anyway, he woke up and I had no choice but to take him out of the house. He was getting restless and ayaw tumahimik. When we got back inside, I put him back in his cage, distracting him with a treat and then nag wash up nako. Now, I’m blogging from my room sa taas, instead of sa baba. Max wants to grab your attention basta nakikita ka niya na awake. This little boy.

My camera, thankfully, was still okay. *whew* for a moment there, I swear huminto yung heart ko. T__T When I heard na may bumaksak na something sa likod ko, while pinapatay ko yung ipis…. lingon ako agad… tapos I saw the tripod and SLR sa sahig sa tabi nung cage ni Max … *noooo!!*. It was too unfortunate to happen. Haha.

Tomorrow, when I wake up, I’m gonna take Max out. We’re gonna play and do some basic obedience training again.

I wanted to enroll him sa basic training, pero it is ridiculously expensive. Even more expensive than the work na ginawa sakin kanina sa dentist! Fortunately, I happen to find a tutorial online, about how master trainers train show dogs. *puts on training cap* Come on Max, I choose you! ;))

Ayun, so DIY kami ngayon.

I’ll leave you now with a nice picture of Max sleeping, before the Ipis-incident.

"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" taken literally and taken by heart.

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