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Storms and Pigs

Right. So there’s going to be a strong storm again that’ll hit Manila.

It’s all over the news which sends some people, who are still traumatized from the Ondoy storm, rushing to prepare themselves. Some have stored food, floatation devices and some evern built their own boats. Kita ko kanina sa balita (yes, surprisingly I watch local tv too ;D )

Traumatized din kaya kami sa Ondoy! Dati natatakot kami baka hindi tumigil yung rain and mapuno yung 1st floor namin. Umabot sa waist, yung pinaka mataas sa bahay. It was lucky actually kasi hindi siya lampas tao and hindi natanggay ung bahay namin.


Ate Les during the Ondoy. Mababa pa lang yan.. umabot ng bewang.


It was weird kasi kanina, umulan daw nang super lakas. My sister sent me a text message from home, telling me that I should go back immediately kasi ang dilim and ang lakas sobra ng ulan. Hindi ko naman naramdaman ung rain that much, kasi I was inside this new mall sa tapat ng NAIA 3 and was watching RED. Pag labas namin nung kasama ko, the sky was blue and it was all sunny – as if it didn’t rain at all. Yun lang, super natraffic kami. -_-


Marvin (John Malkovich) and his pig from RED (movie). XD


Oh yeah… guys, the movie RED was okay+. It wasn’t just okay .. it was better than okay but it wasn’t WHOA! ^_~ Kasi it wasn’t as action packed as the trailer showed. I was expecting the action level to be like, Die Hard or Mission Impossible. Hehe. Pero it was cool to see action stars banding together against a common enemy. Tapos the ex-CIA vs some mysterious group who’s trying to kill them is not new, but I love those type of movies. Action and doomsday movies are WIN.

Pero if halimbawa, you don’t wanna watch it sa cinema, I think meron naman nabibili na sa mga tabi-tabi, if you know what I mean. Nung pauwi pa lang ako kanina, may nadaanan ako nagtitinda ng mga pirated dvds… and ang current preview movie niya sa small TV set niya ay … you guessed it, RED! Natawa nga ako eh. I mean… “kuya, kakapanood ko lang nito kanina. Lolz.” –> Pero syempre di ko to sinabi sa sa kuya pirated DVD seller. Delikado sa huminto sa streets ng pasay city pag gabi eh, maguglat ka na lang wala ka na sapatos. :D

Ayun. About the place naman, masaya sa Resorts World cinemas! Super onti ng tao, the seats are great, the sound, the ambiance and the staff are commendable too. I recommend! ^__^ Go there go there! Tapos may casino pa sa baba.. ;)) I will seriously try this out one day. Will blog about it to let you all know.

I’d recommend RED to people who are okay with Action Movies. Pero to those are die-hard fanatics of action movies, hmmm.. feeling ko you’ll be wanting more from this. Hehe.. parang ako. But still, the comedy was just right and the action scenes were AWESOME. :D

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my friends’ page! :]

Hi guys! : D

I made a page for my friends’ blog links. :]

(with descriptions!)

Check it out when you have time! The link is on the upper right side of this page.

Oh, also, here. haha!

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my center

Usually, whenever there’s a new lot or condominium unit owned by Ayala corporation that’s going to be out for sale, this guy Albie Hernandez sends group mails to possible investors.

Just recently, I was able to receive one for Venare, the new development which is currently ongoing at Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Have you ever tried to go to Nuvali? :] Ang ganda dun, lalo na sa gabi. Someone took me there one time, it was really romantic and quiet. Tapos ang ganda ng streetlights and there were only a few people. I wanted to go down tapos mag picture, but unfortunately, hindi ko dala nun ung tripod ko and camera.

But if permitted, I would like to go there again, and I will come prepared.

Recently, I’m getting really familiar sa southern area because it is one of my closest friends’ territory. Mula Alabang hanggang Batangas, hindi siya maliligaw dun. He told me he even knows the road so much, he could drive sa gabi without headlights on – but of course I don’t let him. hehe

Which makes me think of actually residing in that area because it’s starting to feel like home. Wait, maybe not yet, but I want to. Something is pulling me closer to that place. It feels warm and happy.

But still, I feel that my center belongs elsewhere. Do you know where your center is? Napagusapan namin to ni ate. Each of us has a place where we feel na “it’s where it’s at”. It’s THAT place where stuff are going on.

Kay ate, she feels na her center is MOA. If there is any other place where she’d go, it’d be MOA. Ako, on the other hand, my center right now is definitely Makati. Feeling ko, I need to be exposed to Makati from time to time or else my EQ will go down and I’ll be one grumpy little girl. XD However, it’s slowly turning into the south. Southern air and lights are just so attractive.

Do you know where your center is ?

Siguro, for some people, it’s where they feel their heart is at home.

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christmas partylet

(a partylet is a small party, just like a piglet. )

Had so much fun in the dev christmas party tonight. Kahit it was just a mini-party and sa conference room lang, it’s always something I look forward to at the end of the year. Oh wow, and the games! Grabe. Ang sakit sa tyan kakatawa. haha

Kasi lahat ng mga tao dun, halos magkakaclose na. They’re the type of people na pag nakikita ko naliligayahan talaga ko. I wish sa makati na lang naka-assign ang dev 2 haha…

I wanna write more, but my eyes are starting to close, and I’m yawning non-stop.

Time to sleep. :)

Gudnyt you guys. Merry christmas.

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One Sweet Day (masakit sa heart, literally)

Right, so today, sumakit puso ko ….. literally.

But today was a very fun day! (still inserting hype here)

Lunch was very sweet. (again, literally.)

I went with Jenny, Rojen and some of my classmates sa training, sa Maitre Chocolatier after lunch.. nom nom. They have this little restaurant sa may likod ng PhilNITS office. It’s along Jupiter St.,  beside starbucks na malapit sa Tongyang. ^___^

The place is really dedicated for chocolates. The ambiance was great, although Jenny didn’t pretty much dig heavy metal rock kanina. (haha!) Their gelato had different famous chocolate flavors. May Ferrero, Toblerone, Lindts and other famous chocolates.

They also serve cakes, pero not so many. Pero kanina I was really excited kasi feeling ko masarap talaga yung mga cakes nila. Ayun, so Jenny wanted to try the Symphony Decadence. Tapos we changed our mind na mag gelato na lang. Pero apparently they weren’t able to cancel our previous order of the Symphony Decadence. It was a misunderstanding. So when we’re about to finish our gelatos and waiting for our bill to arrive, they served the Symphony Decadence.

It looked so beautiful. Pero we asked to have it cancelled. The waitress agreed, pero she said na kung okay lang na instead of having it disposed, ipapatry na lang niya samin. Kasi sayang if they will dispose of it. Tapos sa pay pa pala niya kukunin yun. So medyo nahiya kami and just bought it anyway. Naghati na lang kami ni Jenny.

And it was sooooo good. Lalo na yung pudding niya. It reminds me of happy memories pag nakakain ko siya. Haha!

Tapos today rin pala birthday ng 3 important persons in my life. :)

Leon – Batchmate ko from way back 2005 in Action Training sa AWS. Dapat kakain din kami tonight na batchmates, kayalang birthday din kasi ni ate. Huhu… kaya hindi kami nakapagdinner.

Gail – my wonderful gailalooo. When she smiles, nawawala ung eyes niya. So cute, promise.

Ate ko – she woke up today and yun daw iniisip niya. We had dinner kanina, and kaya sumakit puso ko kasi masyado na ko hyper. Hindi na kaya ng puso ko pag masyado na ko masaya. Kasi during dinner, medyo gloomy ung family. So I forced myself to be hyper and be happy. You know, the old me. Until later, I realized na eveybody was starting to smile and I was actually having fun. Although medyo maraming insects kanina sa Don Henrico’s sa MOA. -_- I don’t know why either.

From there, sumakit na puso ko, until before I started writing this. Hehe. Hindi na sanay heart ko na nagiging too happy ako. Nakakatawa. hehe. Mom took my blood pressure when we got home, and medyo mas mataas pala siya than my normal one. tonight it was 110/90. My normal is 80/60. Heehee. Yep, mababa talaga BP ko ever since.

Dapat ma-exercise ka na, heart ko. Dahil papasiyahin ka na uli ng mundo. ^^

Time to watch Zombieland! ^_^  weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (thanks kuya frank for being thoughtful) *hug*

Goodnight world. Oyasumi.

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Runner’s High

there’s always a first time for everybody to run sa isang marathon. hehe

Pero no, not mine. This is probably my 6th or 7th. I lost count.

(from left) Noel, Renz, DJ, Harold, Amy, me, Jojo, Sir Butch

I stil remember my first marathon here in Manila. Kasi I started running only when I was in Japan. I was after the goal of losing weight because of a bet I made with someone. I searched online for some tips, even tried the south beach diet and other things. Pero none of them worked.

Pero … I lost 55 pounds. I came from 165lbs and I was able to reach 110lbs.

Pero you know, di maganda ung 110 pounds. It was too thin. Even my friends say so. Kaya nag gain ako uli. So i’m somewhere in 115 – 119. :) Maintaining that.

How did I lose weight? Ask me na lang personally. :P Or chat niyo ko. heheh. It’s actually not so difficult.

Anyway,  naalala ko lang. Kasi I just joined the Fit N Right fun run at MoA nung sunday. I was so used at running in the Fort, kaya nung nasa MOA na.. it was a breath of fresh air. Ang saya mag run dun. It felt different. hehe

Dami rin nila freebies after the run. For each runner, they gave away about 5 cans of fitnright, 2 bottles na maliit, 3 tetrapacks ng juice and 1 liter of fit n right. Ang bigat dalhin, buti na lang sinabay kami ni Sir butch.

(from left) Dj, me, Noel and Renz (picture from Noel)

Ngayon, I’m usually the one who invites people in the office pag may run. Pero recently, si Kuya harold na gumagawa nun.  hehehe. natutuwa ako kasi they’re also enthusiastic about it.

I so love running with sir butch. Nag 5K kami and he’s the type of person who would really push you to test your limits. Ang galing. Feeling ko nga may coach ako na kasama while running. hehe. He also says the most inspiring words it’s amazing.

(sir butch! i’m your biggest fan!!)

And I still do feel the Runner’s High sometimes. When there’s nothing and nobody there .. just you and the road.

Sana all the time na lang yung runner’s high.

More pictures of the marathon here. From my celphone lang. hehe.. di pwede mag run while carrying ang SLR. Ang bigat nun.

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to my wonderful classmates in basic photography class…

i’m so glad that i met all of you guys. : )

tonight was so much fun.

and it’s the first time i’ve been with a large group of people who are all adventure seekers. : D

let the adventures begin!

eco park, mt. pulag, baguio, batanes, coron, bahay ni ivan (mr.pres) … bring it on. ; )

(i’ll shall make the groups and the forums tomorrow… : D for now, sleep muna ako, may marathon ako bukas at 5:30am  and it’s past midnight. waa! hahha )

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cute little things

hindi naman mahirap ngumiti.

I remember I used to do this often, around the time bago ako mapunta ng nihon. Neri even said na I was so cheerful dati na para akong may rainbow sa likod. Ngayon daw it feels like meron ako palaging cloud looming over head.

well recently, I noticed na hindi naman pala ganun ka hirap ngumiti.

(post muna ako ng isa habang inaantay mag back up ang office machine ^^)


White Hat

honey oats and choco rice puffsNasanay nako na during after lunch recently, Jobelle and I would go to Whitehat in ATC and other the usual. It’s really nice there, even if the place is small and even if a cup of frozen yogurt is so expensive. Masarap naman. ^^





Iced Gems

I actually didn’t know na Iced Gems pala tawag dito. ^_^ Kung hindi pa ako binigyan ni Mark. Alam ko lang, when I was still a kid, I would eat only the icing part and throw away the cookie. I’m not sure if it still tasted that way, because it was quite some time ago since huli ako nakatikim ng iced gems. aheehee.


Fancy Little Band Aid

Often times, pag naghuhugas ako ng kamay, makikita ko na lang na may sugat na ko agad. Hindi ko alam kung san ko nakuha, pero madalas yun nangyayari. I always had isang set ng mga band aids, na may smileys pa. pero naubos ko na. A while ago, buti na lang binigyan ako ng officemate ko. ^_^

Ayun …  so smile today, ha?


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