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Creme Brulee-ing!

Pouring the cream! I'm currently trying to make my first batch of Creme Brulee. Oh god. Is it going to be good?!

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Don’t stop running until you reach the end.

My typical Sundays nowadays are quiet. I usually spend it with my family or sometimes, my really close friends.

Today it was different, because it was spent for one of the greatest sources of inspiration in the Philippines. ^_^ The great boxer himself, Manny Pacquiao. So instead of hitting the gym early, I got out of bed kasi alam ko malapit na fight ni Manny and started searching online for good channels.

TVU was actually great. I had to search lang for myself kasi the links for Manny vs Cotto I found online were not working. Pero I found it later then distributed it to my friends who asked.

Anyway.. he won again. Yep, TKO Cotto at the 12th round. Amazing. Cotto was also not such a bad fighter. I mean, lasting until the 12th round against the Manny Pacquiao?! He’s pretty good. I’m sure it was a great feeling knowing that you lasted until the last round with one of the best fighters in history.

Come on, Manny is making his mark in history here.  Mababasa na siya ng mga apo ko sa sibika at kultura one day.

So. nag punta pala ako ng Rockwell. I was looking for Aubergine dahil pinapapunta ako ni Jeff-sama. Ehhh.. wala naman dun eh! T_T hindi ko rin nakita ung booth. (may point yung post ko na to, promise)

Pero may nakita ako FOOD FAIR!! Oh boy!!!
(there’s my point heehee ^_^)

Each booth has free samples for everything they’re selling. And! ang masaya, puro mga sweets yung andun!Dezato's Mochi :)

Oh! Oh! Meron dun isang booth which was selling mochi! Ahh!! As in ung japanese mochi! Na chocolates! waaa!!Eto sila, their name is Dezato .. and they’re amazing! Ang sarap sarap lalo na ung milk chocolate. *__*

Although medyo mahal nang onti, pero ang sarap talaga ng mochi nila. Reminds me of the ones na I usually buy nung nasa nihon ako.

Meron sila white chocolate, green tea, dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

I sort of wish I was with some friends nung time na to. I knew most of my friends would have appreciated this. Kaya tinawagan ko sila and asked them kung may gusto ba sila. “Hello, Jobelle! Ano gusto mo pagkain?!

Ayun, tapos more ikot-ikot around rockwell. Nalungkot nang onti kasi ako lang mag isa. (buti na lang nasagot ni Ivan ang phone niya!haha) Sanay kasi ako na may kasama, lalo na pag nasa mall. It’s just happier that way. Diba, seeing stuff by yourself  is not as fun as seeing it with people who you care for.

Like nasa Kamiseta ako, tinext ko si Zashi and Jobelle, I wish those two were with me. They were one of the few who really make me feel really good. Good friends talaga I guess. ^_^

haay. I guess need parin mag move on. hehe. Move on move on move on… kahit mahirap. Move on.

Parang bridge lang to sa Sagami-ono. Don’t stop running until you reach the end.

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