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Depth of Field

Today was my first day in basic photography class. I decided to take it finally, because I guess  it’s one of the things that I knew I used to love to do. …. which i still do. So, I learned a lot today – one of them is that I never really took time to study the capabilities of my SLR.

One of the exercises in class, was to take some good panning shots (where the background seems to be blurry, and the object in motion is the one frozen). It took a few tries, but it was accomplished. This is my first panning shot that was successful. It’s a little difficult to get it, but I’m sure, a little more practice and the skill will be acquired.

My first successful panning shot

Speaking of photography, I’ve read that the polaroid cameras are making a comeback! Goody! I was actually looking for one for myself. A long time ago, I was able to buy one in Japan from But last time I checked, they no longer sell it anymore. *sad.

So, I guess now that the polaroid instant cameras are gonna be backed up by another company, the price of the cartridges will go down now. Thankfully. Yey!

I’m really gonna get my own polaroid and share some pictures here one day.  You see, I particularly like the polaroid shots. Each photograph taken is something that can never be reprinted or recaptured again. That’s what makes it special. Whatever you capture with it, happens only once.

Reminds me a lot of the sunset this afternoon. After class, I went beside the bay today  to clear things in my head. Everyday I feel that there is always a reason to be happy, but it takes so much effort to summon it. Maybe I need more time. Maybe just like photography, I need practice despite of knowing that it will be okay one day. It will be okay, I believe it will be.

payrAround 7pm, the weekly fireworks started. I love fireworks, I know most people do. Actually, most girls do. Every time I see it burn bright in the sky, it makes my heart feel elated for a few seconds. It’s a wonderful feeling.

This is a lame attempt at shooting the fireworks. My friend, who met up with me in Moa, told me that fireworks do not have to be captured by photos. To enjoy it, you have to see it with your own eyes because its beauty cannot be justified in photographs alone.

So I put my camera down, and just stared up at the sky – just like the so many people by the bay that night, eyes fixed and entranced by the burning colors in the sky.

Seeing the fireworks only made me feel sad(der). But I tried to brush off the thought. I have been getting used to the feeling of having this empty space somewhere inside. I filled it so much of some person and now there’s nothing there but vast emptiness.

An emptiness which still echoes of hope. Yeah, until now, I am hoping. I can’t kill this hope.

Today started something. But I could not identify it. Things seemed to be the same, I was still feeling loneliness, despite trying to distract myself in photography class. I need to stop feeling that way, in order to get better. I promised to be back, so I should.

And as the last of the fireworks, burned its last embers in the night sky, I told myself that I will be okay and allowed myself to believe it and be entranced by it. Even for a few seconds.

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