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while on the line

Election day – May 10

I voted here in Pasay City, and like any other city, the election could be comparable to hell with its coals burning at its hottest.

Although it made me come to realize several things (aside from the lack of discipline and leadership in the city):

1. Marami pala gwapo sa barangay namin. I mean, wow. Kayalang they have all these tattoos on their biceps and they speak in kanto language (different from jejemon speak, more vulgar and obscene).

2. May nakita ako guy sa pila na kamukha ni Whiplash from the movie of Ironman 2! :-O I was like O___O whoah!


This guy in the same line as me during election day. Hope he's voting for Bayani! wahhaa

3. People here in the Philippines will always be corrupt. Hello, to avoid the long lines in the precinct, some people were actually bribing the Election aides to get ahead of the line. Seriously now, people.

4. Binay, your currently leading Vice-president in the election count as of 8:48 AM on May 11, was said to have been caught buying votes on the night of May 9 in South Cembo, Makati City. My officemate texted me while I was on my way to vote and she said that Binay had given people 500 pesos each for the vote. Wow. Philippines, congratulations on your new corrupt VP.

4. A lot of people still believe in the money-grabbing Joseph Ejercito Estrada. I was on my way home yesterday, after the 2 hour voting process (under the noon time sun and feeling ko pag bumili ako ng 10pesos C2 sa 711 ipapaligo ko lang sa init, kayalang malagkit nga pala yun), when I passed by the local poultry stand.

Kuya weng, the tindero, asked if I have already voted and who I voted for. “Gordon-Bayani ako, kuya weng.” I said proudly.

When suddenly, this random 40 year old man, who came out of nowhere on his bike, asked me “Bakit siya binoto mo?”

A little offended, I asked back, “Eh kayo po ba, sino binoto niyo?”

He continued to follow me while I was walking and he was on his bike, “Erap ako. Kasi si erap, hindi nagnanakaw.” He said with conviction.

I was like this when he said na hindi magnanakaw si Erap.

By this time, the impulsive side was already swearing internally but I tried not to retaliate in English (People in the neighborhood get offended when you speak to them in straight english, “WHAT?! Why the hell do you believe that?”), “Pano niyo po nasabi yan? Bakit kayo naniniwala na hindi niya tayo nanakawan before? Nanonood po ba kayo ng balita?”

Well, sadly, by this point, that man moved away from me. -_-

Anyway, some perks if you have voted this May 2010 elections:

1. You could show off your indelible ink to your friends. : P My friends have their pictures in FB. hehe. Be proud that you endured and tested your patience in the registration and in the voting.

2. 10 pesos na C2 sa 711. Just show your indelible inked finger.

3. Subway BOTO. Buy one take one promo. Ayun, show them the finger (pun intended) and you get your next free sandwish!

Click here for a larger view.

Believing that your vote won’t matter is not right. I know someone who told me that they never registered because they believe that the election will just be cheated again. So why vote? They said.

Well, sir, I think it’s better to exert effort and believe that you, in yourself, that one person (one vote) could make a change by being a responsible citizen. One of the ways to show this is by fulfilling our duties by voting for the good leader. If every Filipino believed that one person’s vote will never count, then the hopes of getting this country fixed has already been kicked in the guts by Leonidas (while he’s yelling “This is SPAHTAAAA!!!!”)

What you're doing.

Di ko lang alam bat may 8million filipinos pa who voted for Erap. Damn you Jejemons.

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