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the first concert night

Last night, I went to the first concert of my life. 10/10/10’s Adam Lambert concert. Actually, long ago pa, I have been wanting to go to a concert pero it’s either I don’t have the money, or yung mga kasama ko walang money. Owl City, Dashboard Confessionals, Paramore and Coheed and Cambria. Ayan, lahat sila lumipas na hindi ko napanood.


I promise, this is a concert picture. Di lang ka-fantastic ng celphone camera ko.


Kaya this time, when She invited to watch the Adam Lambert concert – which I promise – is the subject of this photo here on the right – sumama na ako. :D Haha! Bawal daw kasi ang cameras sa loob. When they checked my back and saw my SLR, ayaw nila kami papasukin. Problema ko na daw yun. So we had to leave the camera sa ate ko, who also happened to be in MOA that night. When we got inside almost everybody had a digicam. -__- Oh well. I guess the Adam Lambert security in MOA were just power-tripping.

The concert ended not so late, around 10:30 She and I headed home.

As I was walking pauwi, I echoed the words that Adam had told his audience during the concert, “In order to find true love, you must first learn to love yourself.”

Too simple, yet too profound.



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