Jackie Chan Adventures End theme

When I was still younger I LOVED watching Jackie Chan Adventures. :D

I especially loved the ending song! Back then, I had no why to find out what it was, who sang it and the complete lyrics.

But today! HOORAY for the intarnetz! :D

I found it!

(Season 1 only; lyrics performed by Wheatus.)

Never gets a chance to breathe
Searching for the talismans
And racing down the Dark Hand
He’ll win with just his hands
Yeah, you know Chan’s got a plan
He never can be beat
Always landing on his feet
Protects his Uncle and niece
From Shadowkhan and deadbeats
Yet he would rather laugh than fight
It’s wrong or right?
You gotta like him!
Jackie Chan!
Where’s the talisman?
You got to find it now!
You always do somehow!
Lyrics I got from Wiki.
Video is here: :)
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Amidst the Confusion in Japan 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster

Japan is really amazing.

Coming from a third-world country, I was used to getting by with what was immediately there to survive and make the most out of it. Then when I first went to live in Japan for more than a year, I was overwhelmed to see an Asian country having a good quality of life like this! I got used to the modern conveniences which I never thought I’d be able to use.

Back then, given their high standards for living, I was pretty sure that they would find it difficult to live outside of their country or to even lose these kinds of conveniences.

But right now, after the 9.0 earthquake, they showed the world once again that they could handle this disaster gracefully, just like what they did after the WWII. Everybody is cooperating, even in the simplest thing that they could do or contribute. My friends there tell me they try to minimize their power usage – which is difficult because almost everything in the house is run by electricity (i.e. hot water, stove).

An earthquake like that could have easily toppled down those buildings, but most of it are still standing proudly right now in their cities – with countless lives saved. I was reminded of the strength Japan has – that even in the midst of a disaster, no matter how hard the ground shakes, they still refuse to falter.

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Ayala A-Card 2011

Expired na yung 2010 mo no? :P

Well good news, if you have the 2010 Ayala A-Card, you could get the new Ayala A-Card 2011!

Starting February 18 (daw – sabi ng ate dun sa may glorietta), all you have to do is bring your 2010 Ayala A-Card to the A-card stalls in any Ayala Mall. Pay 300 pesos and then you get your new 2011 Ayala A-card.

Enjoy the cool discounts at Ayala restaurants and the hassle-free usage of the 10pesos lounges :P for another year.

I hope this helps guys!

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The Lucky Manila Tumbler

I went inside Starbucks at Trinoma a while ago and headed straight to the shelf of mug and tumblers.

I already knew which one I was going to take so I looked up to the highest shelf to search for it.

There it was, along with about ten others that look just like the one I’m going to take. I picked the one that I was able to inspect thoroughly. I knew that even the slightest flaw will not be noticed, but I still wanted to get the very best one.

Once satisfied, I took it to the cashier and paid for this little thing. I looked at it as it was standing silently on that table.

*You lucky tumbler, you.* I thought.

*I hope you reach London safely.*


Advanced Happy Valentines you guys!


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On Holy Ground

I was wondering kanina, why people make the sign of the cross whenever napapadaan sila sa simbahan. I only see people doing it, pero it wasn’t taught or anything and I came from a catholic school. Then one of my friends na tinanong ko gave me a good explanation: “Well, the way I see it, it’s like a small prayer. Kasi you passed by the house of God so parang saying ‘hi’ na din sa kanya – just like when you see someone you know. It’s also.a form of respect.”


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we need love. give more of it.

People were created to be loved.
Things were created to be used.
One of the reasons why the world is in chaos,
is because things are being loved …
… and people are being used.

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Dear guys

Dear guys,

It’s been my fifth day here in Singapore and I still haven’t gone to any of those tourist places that I wanted to go to. I’m writing this now while on a cab on the way to the office. When I get home at night I get so tired, I can’t even blog anymore.

Just a few minutes ago, while eating my breakfast at the hotel restaurant, I saw a family of what obviously looked like tourists. They have maps and slr cameras hanging around their necks. I sighed and realized that I was looking at them enviously.

I wish I was like them, walking around here in Singapore on a vacation and not work.

Whenever I get online, my friends always ask if I have seen the merlion or sentosa, and I tell them, “Nah, haven’t even gotten far from the vicinity of my hotel and the office.”

Here I am, a disillusioned young lady, staring out wistfully at the wonderful backdrop that is Singapore, zooming and passing her by from the window of a taxi cab.

It’s a holiday tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be able to take a break.

Missing you guys,
Elle Cross

PS: we’re passing by the marina bay now, it’s really pretty.

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si Chinese lola sa CR

So, first day of work yesterday at our customer’s office in Singapore.

When we arrived here, I had to go visit the comfort room to empty my bladder. I wasn’t paying attention that much but I remembered there were some trashcans in front of the comfort room door. There was also a Chinese sign posted on it, but I wasn’t able to understand it. So I just went inside.

When I got out of the toilet cubicle and was washing my hands, there was the old chinese custodian lady who was mopping the floor where I was stepping on. She was talking to me with a stern voice in Chinese. I was trying to tell her that I can’t understand Chinese but I don’t think she was listening. She kept talking to me and pointing at the door.

So I just nodded. XD

I didn’t know that back then, the woman had put up a sign that the CR was off limits because it was being cleaned. I was like, “Oooooohh, so that explains the soapy water on the floor.” XD

Pero she was nicer the second time I met her sa may pantry. She was still speaking to me in Chinese, but I think later she figured out that I don’t get a word she was saying. But she was nice enough to show me where to get cups that time. Kasi I was dying of thirst and pag dating ko pantry, walang mga plastic cups. XD

I’m sorry lola .. pero I hope matapos ka na sa paglilinis sa CR ngayon kasi super super and really REALLY I need to go in there. Masakit na sa bladder and I can’t believe it takes you more than an hour to clean a small bathroom. O__o…

How do you say in Chinese, “I really need to use the bathroom.”? or “DA HELL!!”? Haha..

Sana matapos na siya sa paglilinis. Huhuhuhhu.

Random picture na walang connection sa post na to:

Outside of the Ibis Hotel, there's this post.

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