My Friends

Leslie (the sister) –

Leslie is my older sister. She currently teaches in DLSU Manila right now. She’s a very good role model, except when she’s trying to sit on me while watching TV. :] That’s my ate.

Ena (the officemate) –

She’s very thoughtful and she knows how to find her happiness. Ena is someone very confident. She’s a loyal friend who I miss sometimes when the afternoon is quiet and bright.

Frank (the kuya frank) –

I met Kuya Frank on a training in Makati, along with Jenny-chan. Kuya Frank is also a very good person. He likes Evangelion and he’s the 2nd guy I’ve met who knew Penpen.

Jan (the college barkada) –

I can describe Jan in so many ways. He’s profound. He likes to debate about things that are confusing. He likes anime. He likes gadgets. He’s a geek … like me.

Jayr (the chief) –

Jayr is a really sweet guy. His loyal to his friends and to those he cares about and every time you’re with him, it feels really comfortable. We call him “Chief” for a reason. XD You have to see him for yourself to understand. ^^ Rawr rjay!

Jenny (the Jenny-chan!) –

I was with Jenny-chan when we discovered the rest of Tokyo. She was the one who took me around the world of manga and Japanese novels. She’s really fluent in Nihongo and Chinese and Tagalog and English. Haha. : D

Leandro (the leebears) –

The Leebears is one of my old college friends. When I was still working in Alabang, he was sometimes my lunchout buddy. On days when we both can’t take it anymore, we would call each other up and then drive somewhere and eat. Lee kidnaps me from work too, when he’s bored.

Mags (the artist) –

I met Mags in my new office here in Quezon City. :] She’s very creative and could create fancy art that are Deviant-art worthy submissions. Hehe. I found recently too that Mags and I have a lot of common interests. :] FTW!

Mayan (the college barkada) –

Mayan loves anime! : D As written in her wordpress address. Mayan is one of the most creative persons I know. She can draw pretty good and she could come up with things that are aesthetically good to look at. :]

Neri (the seatmate) –

Neri used to be my old seatmate in my former company. I always loved how we would always come up with something weird to talk about and we never seem to run out of funny antics to do. *raises hands to heaven*

RJ (the officemate) –

I’m not sure if his blog is still active. RJ’s also one of my old officemates. He’s from Cebu but I met him in Japan when I was assigned there. What I liked most about RJ is his humor. He really appreciates mine. =)) heehee.

Wil (the college barkada) –

Wil’s a very good friend. I miss this guy, it’s been a long time since I have talked with him. Almost more than 2 months now. Haay. Where are you Wil?



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  2. :)

    Ow terri!!! :) >:D<b

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