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Cuevas Bakery

“350 lang…”

Yan ang isa sa madalas ko naririnig pag naglalakad ako pauwi.

Pag pauwi ako, I walk from the MRT taft station until sa kanto ng Cuevas Bakery. So, sa araw-araw at gabi-gabi ba naman na nilalakad ko yan, hindi maiiwasan na mamukaan ko na ang mga tao na madalas andun.

At ang mga lugar sa Pasay City along EDSA ay … well, alam niyo na. Siguro may apat na beerhouses at isang motel akong nadadaanan palagi. Gabi-gabi, nakikita ko sila sa mga kanya-kanya nilang mga pwesto.

Naririnig ko palagi ang mga conversations nila – amongst themselves at sa mga potential customers nila. Nagbibigay lang sila ng mga presyo sa mga dumadaan na mga lalaki.

Tapos mag aantay lang sila sa mga upuan sa may tapat ng kani-kanilang mga beerhouses, nakadisplay at ready na bilin pag sila ang napili.


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si Chinese lola sa CR

So, first day of work yesterday at our customer’s office in Singapore.

When we arrived here, I had to go visit the comfort room to empty my bladder. I wasn’t paying attention that much but I remembered there were some trashcans in front of the comfort room door. There was also a Chinese sign posted on it, but I wasn’t able to understand it. So I just went inside.

When I got out of the toilet cubicle and was washing my hands, there was the old chinese custodian lady who was mopping the floor where I was stepping on. She was talking to me with a stern voice in Chinese. I was trying to tell her that I can’t understand Chinese but I don’t think she was listening. She kept talking to me and pointing at the door.

So I just nodded. XD

I didn’t know that back then, the woman had put up a sign that the CR was off limits because it was being cleaned. I was like, “Oooooohh, so that explains the soapy water on the floor.” XD

Pero she was nicer the second time I met her sa may pantry. She was still speaking to me in Chinese, but I think later she figured out that I don’t get a word she was saying. But she was nice enough to show me where to get cups that time. Kasi I was dying of thirst and pag dating ko pantry, walang mga plastic cups. XD

I’m sorry lola .. pero I hope matapos ka na sa paglilinis sa CR ngayon kasi super super and really REALLY I need to go in there. Masakit na sa bladder and I can’t believe it takes you more than an hour to clean a small bathroom. O__o…

How do you say in Chinese, “I really need to use the bathroom.”? or “DA HELL!!”? Haha..

Sana matapos na siya sa paglilinis. Huhuhuhhu.

Random picture na walang connection sa post na to:

Outside of the Ibis Hotel, there's this post.

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Radio Show ni Papa Jack (Forgiving is EPIC)

I don’t normally listen to the radio anymore, now that I am always equipped with my iPod. But when I get to ride public transportation like buses or jeepneys or taxi cabs, I always get to listen to the radio stations that are being commonly listened to by the masses.

Their jokes are usually tasteless, filled with toilet humor and sometimes just plain offensive but they do get hilarious at times.

A while ago, when I was on the way home, I took a taxi cab. I was carrying my thinkpad, a large paper bag and my office bag. It was such a hassle to take the train then walk home from the station. When I sat down, I recognized the familiar voice of a DJ who’s hosting a radio show called TLC. I got familiar with him because surprisingly, when I take a taxi every thursday night, the taxi drivers seem to favor his show and listen to it every time it airs.

So, I end up listening to it too.

Kanina, the caller was a woman who got abandoned. She said her name was Jerelyn. Her story started four years ago, when her fiance stood her up on the altar on their wedding day. Apparently, the guy ran off with some other girl who he has gotten pregnant. Because of that event, Jerelyn’s grandmother had a heart attack which lead to the grandma’s death. Now, four years later – yes, that long – Jerelyn still couldn’t move on because of this hate and anger towards the guy who left her, embarrassed her family and was partly the reason of her grandmother’s death.

Now the DJ, who was called “Papa Jack” was telling her that in order to move on, Jerelyn had to learn how to do something really difficult – she had to learn how to forgive.

Papa Jack was saying that being angry at someone will not help you with anything. Ikaw yung magiging talo. He said that sayang ang time ni Jerelyn, instead of moving on and letting go, she still dwells on the past and stays with this anger.

In the words of Papa Jack, he said “Kasi yung lalake na yan, he chose to be happy by not marrying you there. Pero ikaw you chose to be angry and carry that grudge for four years.”

Now, ako, I have experiences with those. I know what it’s like to be raging with anger at someone. It was never a good feeling. It was always this ugly thing that you know is lurking in your mind. If you let it stay in you it will just destroy you. So ngayon, when I know that someone is seething with rage at me, and I can’t do anything about it… naaawa na ako sa person na yun. And when I get hate messages, I don’t feel bad for myself. I feel bad for this person instead. Kasi I know how horrible this person must be feeling para magawa na mag send pa sakin ng isang message full of hate. :(

When I feel angry at someone, I try to gather all effort to think of the positive things and silently pray na this person will be okay.

When we are angry at someone, we fail to see the things that are happening all around. There are so many things to do and see… so many people around you to love and if you focus on this ball of anger inside you, you let all of those good things pass you by. It’s sad because they’re the things that matter more than your own anger. They’re the stuff that should be happening in your life now.

I am not saying that I have mastered the forgiveness-thing. It takes more than this realization to actually do something epic like forgiveness. When you got hurt, you have all the right to feel anger. Pero you don’t have to carry it with you forever. You have to learn to choose to let it go.

Ako, I could proudly say now that I’m getting there. Recently, I am realizing that there are other things in my life that I could devote my energy and love to. And you know what, I love the feeling when something good happens. :) There is always something good happening, and it’s a nice feeling to be aware of it.

Sometimes, pag nag fi-feeling matalino ako, iniisip ko na siguro this is one of the reasons why we were always taught that we should forgive. Remember, in the bible? It was said that we should forgive seventy times seven times something. Not being all religious here, pero perhaps yung mga dogma and stuff meron naman sigurong something na may sense na pinaghugutan yun. Kaya nga maraming naniniwala.

Back then, I thought, we are going to forgive para sa ikabubuti nung person na nakasakit satin, na forgiving daw is an act of selflessness. Pero pano kung halimbawa, wala na sa country mo yung person na yun? And may sarili na siyang buhay, masaya, etc. That person doesn’t care anymore  if you will forgive him or not, right? Pero ikaw, you are still carrying this anger… di ka makamove on and you get with it with life, knowing na galit ka sa tao na to. What a crappy feeling, right?

Ayun, dun ko narealize na actually, we are forgiving those who hurt us … because we want to set ourselves free.

Pag dumating yung time when the things and the people that hurt you are forgiven, you will feel na parang may bara na nawala. Things will start to turn brighter, you will get to see more positive things and when you see the bright side, even more good things will happen. The universe will just reflect energies back to you based on how you feel.

:) Sana makita niyo ung sense sa pinag sasabi ko. Kahit konti. Hehe. Kala niyo pinag isipan ko to mabuti para madeliver nang matalino! :P

Now, I think I am going to email Papa Jack. Kahit na minsan may pagka jologs ang ibang mga maka-masang radio stations, may mga natututunan ako sa mga pinapayo niya sa iba. :) Goodnight people.

See you in Singapore.. yeahba. :))

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the Trip to Muji, Manila

Dear All,

After I have heard that Muji shall be opening a store in Manila, I was very excited and swore that I will have to go there on the first week. Even posted this one, last month.


Ate on the way to Muji


You see, Muji is quite popular in Japan. When I was still living in Kanagawa 2 years ago, I go to Muji for some necessities. They have good quality office supplies. The kitchen and bath stuff were also nice… tapos they’re the only brand in the world na may face powder na hindi ako nangangati. -_- Kaya sa kanila ako bumibili.

So when I went there kanina with my sister… all excited and stuff. I was expecting na maraming tao… pero I wasn’t expecting na jam-packed siya!! I mean, sa sobrang dami ng tao, hassle mag dala ng basket and usually meron ka maapapakan ng paa.

I saw a lot of Japanese too. I wonder ano kaya iniisip nila when they saw yung mga pinoy nag kakagulo sa Muji. I overheard a family talking to each other, arguing if they should still fall in line. The wife was saying something like, “Eh ang haba ng pila, bibilin ba natin ito?”

Kanina rin, the end of the long line was exactly in front of the bean bags. Two teenagers na babae sat there. The Japanese couple apparently didn’t know that the teenagers were in line, kasi nakaupo sila sa bean bags (-__-). The Japanese apparently were too hesitant to ask if that was the end of the line, and even if the two girl teenagers saw them, they just ignored. The rest of the people who want to fall in line are confused now kung san ba yung dulo ng line.

I looked around some more, despite the overwhelming crowd.

It felt very much like Japan Muji. The product information sticker of the usual Muji is still on their merchandise. They have the usual clothes and shoes area, Japanese style clothes of course. Oh, nakita ko din dun yung nag sale na 500yen per pair na boots – parang ganyan. Lots of kitchen stuff, home things. They also had those little snacks, office supplies, cosmetics, containers, bags, furniture … dun ko din nakita yung low-resistance pillow na ginamit ko dati sa Nihon. That was the best pillow ever. Kukunin ko na dapat pero nagulat ako it was 2,250 pesos. O__O.


Cap with the Muji Product information stamp - the original pa.


Pero I converted it to Yen, and realized na it was only 4.2k yen. I realized, it didn’t sound expensive at all pag in yen. Pero yung dalawang libong peso na unan, parang sobrang impractical. Na realize ko na tuloy ang isang major difference nung Muji na nakasanayan ko sa Japan at ang Muji na nasa Manila. …. Hindi na yen ang kinikita ko monthly. :( (lolz. ang labo! ako pala may dipirensya! XD)

If you are an average pinoy who doesn’t own a house somewhere in Forbes of Dasmariñas Village, you will realize that buying every day stuff there is rather impractical. Sure, masaya sila bilin kasi galing Japan and they have good quality. Pero ako kasi, naramdaman ko na naman yung difference when I was in Japan and in here. There are other places and other brands here in the Philippines na maganda naman yung quality.

I guess, it could also be one of those, doesn’t matter if they’re horribly expensive. It’s Muji. Hehe. Sige.


When we got in the store, ate and I grabbed a basket. We were expecting marami kami bibilin. After a looking around, and having second thoughts, she was like, "Ok, how do we discreetly return the basket?"


The prices of the items are the original japan price + a few percent. Which is okay really. Of course dapat may profit, right? You will see pala yung mga products nila, may YEN price pa. Like yung compact face powder ko, which I only get in Muji, 1000 yen siya. It’s about 530 pesos. They’re selling it for 595 pesos. The difference is not much, yun nga lang, if you’re buying the stuff in peso, feeling ko hindi na masyadong practical. Siguro pag a few things na special or if pag nanalo ka sa lotto, or if you earn 95k pesos monthly. :)

Overall, for me Muji is a little overrated. After all the hype I have been posting all over my FB and my blog. :)) haha. My own fault, I have been expecting too much rin and didn’t realize that the worth of the products will be different.

*la la la la* … onward my sisters and brothers to the next Japan Store in Manila adventure.


Elle Cross

PS: I can’t wait na magkaron ng Uniqlo in Manila. ;))

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let sleeping dogs lie

Max, our 3 month old, pure breed Golden Retriever, is full of energy. He’s so full of energy sometimes pagod nako, siya hindi pa. He would bite on stuff, he would run around, pounce around (I thought only Tigger did this?! I was misinformed!), playfully bite my hand, sniff crotches, pee and poop. He specially loves the towels, the slippers and some leaves sa bakuran namin.

It amuses me though, that even if Max is like a 2 year old kid na mabilis tumakbo and maingay, every thing is worth it pag niyayakap mo na siya. It’s worth it every time you see him obey a command, when he comes running to you pag uwi mo or when you call his name. His ears will flap about, and with his tongue hanging out he will run up to you and slobber all over you. haha!

Mahilig siya mang-damba .. iniisip ko nga, pano pag laki niya?! T_T He’ll be like 65-70lbs. Tapos he will perch on you?! O__O Hehe.

Max likes to sleep beside his Cookie Monster slipper. Kasi daw, it's his "sleeper"! ahehehe

When we finally get him to sleep sa cage niya, which is inside the house, we try to keep it down para hindi siya magising. Kasi super likot niya pag wala sa cage, pag nasa cage naman and nakikita niya na may tao pa na gising, he will bark and whine the whole time. So I get up from my laptop, and let him out. Lakad-lakad, tapos play with him a little, tapos hug him until antukin siya.

Kanina, nakalabas kasi ung tripod ng camera ko. I was trying to take a picture of him, pero madilim masyado sa house, kaya naka tripod ako (this statement makes sense, trust me). Tapos, while the tripod was around on my right side, may lumipad na ipis sa isang side ko!! So nagulat ako, napatayo and na-atrasan ko yung tripod ko – kung saan nakamount pa ung Nikon D80 ko.

Imagine my shock nung nakita ko na nahulog yung SLR ko, and natamaan yung cage ni Max kung san siya natutulog, then nahulog sa floor.


Anyway, he woke up and I had no choice but to take him out of the house. He was getting restless and ayaw tumahimik. When we got back inside, I put him back in his cage, distracting him with a treat and then nag wash up nako. Now, I’m blogging from my room sa taas, instead of sa baba. Max wants to grab your attention basta nakikita ka niya na awake. This little boy.

My camera, thankfully, was still okay. *whew* for a moment there, I swear huminto yung heart ko. T__T When I heard na may bumaksak na something sa likod ko, while pinapatay ko yung ipis…. lingon ako agad… tapos I saw the tripod and SLR sa sahig sa tabi nung cage ni Max … *noooo!!*. It was too unfortunate to happen. Haha.

Tomorrow, when I wake up, I’m gonna take Max out. We’re gonna play and do some basic obedience training again.

I wanted to enroll him sa basic training, pero it is ridiculously expensive. Even more expensive than the work na ginawa sakin kanina sa dentist! Fortunately, I happen to find a tutorial online, about how master trainers train show dogs. *puts on training cap* Come on Max, I choose you! ;))

Ayun, so DIY kami ngayon.

I’ll leave you now with a nice picture of Max sleeping, before the Ipis-incident.

"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" taken literally and taken by heart.

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Epic – Live coverage of the rescue at Chile

BBC Live Coverage of the Chilean Miners Rescue


I’m watching this right now, from the other side of the world and I couldn’t be anymore proud of the human race. Even if I’m not there, and just witnessing this from here, I know I’m seeing something that’s going to be a very momentous part of history.

Cheers to the efforts of the rescuers and to all the Chilean miners!


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a new member of the family!

It wass 4:40PM and I want to go home para malaro ko na si Max – my 3 month old golden retriever.

We got him nung Sunday from a good family in Mapayapa Village in Quezon City. It was their first time to breed and sell a Golden Retriever.

It was around 4PM nung Sunday when Ate and I decided to go to QC and get the puppy. It was little late and I was also rushing to get back to Pasay City for the Adam Lambert concert. We didn’t know how to navigate around Quezon City yet, so I mainly depended on Google maps. Fortunately, I saw a possible route to the Mapayapa village. It was going through Luzon Avenue. So, I thought it was the best decision.


O__O. I would NOT recommend Luzon Ave to anybody, especially if you have a car and you’re driving with your sister. The whole Luzon ave was … I don’t know, I could not even compare it to Edang Street in Pasay City. The road was very narrow, there were tricycles everywhere with tricycle drivers who are extremely rude, the wet and dry market was located throughout the whole road. It also seemed like cars were not common on that road because the pedestrians seem to be walking in the middle of the effing road!! I mean for crying out loud woman! TABI! So ayun, do not pass Luzon Ave if you can.

When we got there, we saw the owners/sellers (Aldwin and Cythia) of Almond (Max’s first name) and the place where Max spent his first three months. I saw his mother, who was already a full grown Golden Retriever, about 1 year and 5 months old. Ang laki! T__T Max is gonna be bigger than her. I also saw Max’s sister. :] aww.

Before we left, I asked if they could provide a towel that would be brushed against the fur of Max’s mother. So that at night, when Max goes to sleep, he won’t feel too lonely.

When we were about to leave, I was carrying Max. Aldwin and Cythia were saying goodbyes and it was sad to see them tearing up a little. Aldwin and Cynthia were still giving me some advice on how to care for Max, his allergies, his habits. Then they were talking to Max as if he were a real baby. It was really sad and touching. :(

I told Cythia that we will be friends in facebook, and I promise to keep them updated of how Max is doing. :]

Max is at home right now, probably playing or sleeping… or peeing somewhere. Hehe. I can’t wait to come home so that we could play again.

Max at 3 months old. :) Full of love and energy.



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this saturday is like, pure win.


I never thought that Saturday could have so much stuff going on!

The day opens with discovering the happyness that is Google Analytics. I started reading about it because I was looking for a stat counter for The SIS blog, our first team blog created with love. I managed to get a good host for the account that we got. The fee sounds good, considering that the host we got seems to be made for itself. For now, I love the way I get to really be responsible for the site. Filezilla rocks by the way, FTP ftw.

Ate launched the Sis blog today. We are both so proud of it. ^__^. Drop by when you have time. Usap nga namin ni ate kanina, the Sis blog is a positive place. :] We want to fill you too with positive things XD!! Here’s my post on Growing Up in Pasay City which I submitted there. ^^

Jonard and Magz ^^ at Cosplay Mania X

Later in the afternoon, I have gone to MOA because of the Cosplay Mania X. I used to be a cosplayer myself, and a fan pero during the cosplay event kanina, I really felt like I was starting to outgrow it. Sure, it was fun to go in there, with all the people and with all the anime-related things, pero everybody is just so young! Children, pre-teens and teenagers – those are the main audience. : ( I like wearing the cute little hats though. ^^ uweee! Jan and I also met with one of my officemates Magz and her friend Jonard. ^^ It was great seeing you guys!

Hmm.. ano pa ba.

Oh, mag ingat mag Sushi buffet pagkat masarap ang sushi sa Sakae Sushi at MOA and super nakakabusog. haha! Grabe. Jan and I ate a lot. -_- Busog na busog ako. This place in MOA called Sakae Sushi, meron sila conveyor ng mga different kisnd of sushi! The price of the sushi depends on the color of the plate you get. ^^ May times na hindi sushi ung nasa plate. Sometimes may fried squid and this thing that looks like laing. The most expensive ones are those on red plates. Sila rin pinakamasarap usually. : D The miso soup is also good in that place. :] The only other place na alam ko maligaya ang Miso soup ay Yoshinoya. : D

Oh noes.

I was debating whether uwi na ba ako or not. These past few days, I begin to appreciate ang masasayang moments pag nasa bahay na. Being a home buddy is starting to grow on me. Dati, I always felt like such a loser pag umuuwi agad nang maaga, and feeling ko malulungkot lang ako. Pero hindi na ngayon! ahehe. Anyway, ayun ayun! So nag baba na lang ako kay Jan sa Resorts World. ^_^ Andun kasi si Ate and her friends and isip ko sabay na ko pauwi.

At huwaaaw! Award! Maligaya pala dun at maunlad. Kayalang hindi pa bukas ang karamihan ng stores, pero it seems rather nice para sakin. I love how it looks cozy tapos ang ganda ng lights and hindi crowded *__* (uwaa pangarap). So of course, being in a new and fascinating place, I did not waste time, brought out my camera and started shooting. Yeaaaaahhhh!!!

But the adventure doesn’t have to stop there. We wanted to buy a cake, and walang bakeshop na Red Ribbon or Sugarhouse sa Resorts World. So, Ate insisted na we should go to Glorietta just to get the cakes. Remember, the goal was to get cakes. When we got there, nag dinner na rin kami, found and bought some nice clothes, got those yummy french truffles, looked at some books and then decided to go home. Masaya rin pala “bumili ng cake”.  Hehe. Actually, kaya walang cake kasi … PHASED OUT NA DAW SA RED RIBBON ANG BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…..

Pero okay lang yun.

At Resorts World - A view of the Republiq, taken from the second floor. ^^

Ang malupet, ako nag drive pauwi, all the way home. Nervous again, pero I believe I am getting better.

Ang mas malupet, ako uli nag pasok sa maligayang, pang-bulilit na street namin at sa gate! This time, faster than the last time nag pasok ako ng car sa gate. Hehe.

Pero wait …. meron pa pinaka malupet na nangyari sa araw na to…

Natapos na mag patch SUCCESSFULLY ang Starcraft 2 ko! WAHAHAHAH!!! Pure win. Kasi I was able to get my new laptop from dad. As soon as I got it up and running with all the firewalls and antivirus, I excitedly installed SC2 with shaking fingers. Took a while, tapos later ayaw mag patch! Grabe! Looked around online kung bakit ayaw, tapos like 4 days later … ayun. Okay na.

XD waaaa!

Now, if you guys will just excuse me… Jim Raynor has still to complete some missions. ^____________________^ OH YEAAAH. I need to practice really well. All of my SC2 mentors are really good already. Hehe.

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