Baking Chocolate Soufflé

The first attempt at baking Chocolate Soufflé is all because I want to cheer up a dear friend. I was originally planning to make Crème brûlée, but I was requested otherwise.

I looked around online and found that the ingredients are all basic. Eggs, butter, sugar and chocolate. I mean, how can one mess that up?! But boy, I was wrong to assume that baking this would be a real piece of cake. ;)

Soufflé is a kind of dessert that is not to be underestimated. Today I just found out that beating the egg whites and the yolks separately can be a dreadful process. Well, if you don’t have an electric mixer. I don’t have one so my arms really hurt!

When beaten thoroughly, the egg white foams up and the yellow yolk pales. Wonderful!

Preparing for the heat!

As proof of this feat, here’s a shot of the post-mixing and beating process. I’ve poured the mixture (eggs and chocolate) in their own containers made of porcelain – also called “ramekins” and put them in the oven. I took careful note that the oven has been preheated at 150C, as I’m not sure how it should be for I haven’t done it before exactly. (I was just putting fate into the hands of the recipe I got somewhere!)

They looked very familiar. Every batter looks like the brownies batter.

The chocolate came from the Lindt’s Excellence 70% dark chocolate (144Php). I’ve chopped the chocolate into little pieces and melted them in a glass bowl dipped in hot water. While making this, I couldn’t imagine how could only eggs and chocolate could make brownies-like fo

After 25 minutes, I came back and checked what’s going on with my little lovelies.

Almost done!

It was just like in the cartoons where you’d see a baking cake rise up, only to fall again if you open the oven and cold air comes in. After the oven timer went off, I waited a few more minutes before taking it out.

It’s difficult to keep the shape of the Soufflé. On my first try, I wasn’t able to keep up this risen shape. :( I have yet to find out techniques for that.

Anyway, after letting it cool for a bit, here it is.

Chocolate Souffle

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2 thoughts on “Baking Chocolate Soufflé

  1. Looks nice… ^_^

    You can borrow my electric mixer if you like. Hindi ko na masyadong nagagamit nowadays… no more motivation to bake and experiment. :P

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