Jackie Chan Adventures End theme

When I was still younger I LOVED watching Jackie Chan Adventures. :D

I especially loved the ending song! Back then, I had no why to find out what it was, who sang it and the complete lyrics.

But today! HOORAY for the intarnetz! :D

I found it!

(Season 1 only; lyrics performed by Wheatus.)

Never gets a chance to breathe
Searching for the talismans
And racing down the Dark Hand
He’ll win with just his hands
Yeah, you know Chan’s got a plan
He never can be beat
Always landing on his feet
Protects his Uncle and niece
From Shadowkhan and deadbeats
Yet he would rather laugh than fight
It’s wrong or right?
You gotta like him!
Jackie Chan!
Where’s the talisman?
You got to find it now!
You always do somehow!
Lyrics I got from Wiki.
Video is here: :)
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3 thoughts on “Jackie Chan Adventures End theme


  2. Good

  3. fantastic yeah ! love it.

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