Amidst the Confusion in Japan 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster

Japan is really amazing.

Coming from a third-world country, I was used to getting by with what was immediately there to survive and make the most out of it. Then when I first went to live in Japan for more than a year, I was overwhelmed to see an Asian country having a good quality of life like this! I got used to the modern conveniences which I never thought I’d be able to use.

Back then, given their high standards for living, I was pretty sure that they would find it difficult to live outside of their country or to even lose these kinds of conveniences.

But right now, after the 9.0 earthquake, they showed the world once again that they could handle this disaster gracefully, just like what they did after the WWII. Everybody is cooperating, even in the simplest thing that they could do or contribute. My friends there tell me they try to minimize their power usage – which is difficult because almost everything in the house is run by electricity (i.e. hot water, stove).

An earthquake like that could have easily toppled down those buildings, but most of it are still standing proudly right now in their cities – with countless lives saved. I was reminded of the strength Japan has – that even in the midst of a disaster, no matter how hard the ground shakes, they still refuse to falter.

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