Dear guys

Dear guys,

It’s been my fifth day here in Singapore and I still haven’t gone to any of those tourist places that I wanted to go to. I’m writing this now while on a cab on the way to the office. When I get home at night I get so tired, I can’t even blog anymore.

Just a few minutes ago, while eating my breakfast at the hotel restaurant, I saw a family of what obviously looked like tourists. They have maps and slr cameras hanging around their necks. I sighed and realized that I was looking at them enviously.

I wish I was like them, walking around here in Singapore on a vacation and not work.

Whenever I get online, my friends always ask if I have seen the merlion or sentosa, and I tell them, “Nah, haven’t even gotten far from the vicinity of my hotel and the office.”

Here I am, a disillusioned young lady, staring out wistfully at the wonderful backdrop that is Singapore, zooming and passing her by from the window of a taxi cab.

It’s a holiday tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be able to take a break.

Missing you guys,
Elle Cross

PS: we’re passing by the marina bay now, it’s really pretty.

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4 thoughts on “Dear guys

  1. joie

    awww.. pity ka naman.. me weekend naman :D me mag-anak na Merlion near Marina Bay ata ;))

  2. pasalubong naman hehehe…

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