si Chinese lola sa CR

So, first day of work yesterday at our customer’s office in Singapore.

When we arrived here, I had to go visit the comfort room to empty my bladder. I wasn’t paying attention that much but I remembered there were some trashcans in front of the comfort room door. There was also a Chinese sign posted on it, but I wasn’t able to understand it. So I just went inside.

When I got out of the toilet cubicle and was washing my hands, there was the old chinese custodian lady who was mopping the floor where I was stepping on. She was talking to me with a stern voice in Chinese. I was trying to tell her that I can’t understand Chinese but I don’t think she was listening. She kept talking to me and pointing at the door.

So I just nodded. XD

I didn’t know that back then, the woman had put up a sign that the CR was off limits because it was being cleaned. I was like, “Oooooohh, so that explains the soapy water on the floor.” XD

Pero she was nicer the second time I met her sa may pantry. She was still speaking to me in Chinese, but I think later she figured out that I don’t get a word she was saying. But she was nice enough to show me where to get cups that time. Kasi I was dying of thirst and pag dating ko pantry, walang mga plastic cups. XD

I’m sorry lola .. pero I hope matapos ka na sa paglilinis sa CR ngayon kasi super super and really REALLY I need to go in there. Masakit na sa bladder and I can’t believe it takes you more than an hour to clean a small bathroom. O__o…

How do you say in Chinese, “I really need to use the bathroom.”? or “DA HELL!!”? Haha..

Sana matapos na siya sa paglilinis. Huhuhuhhu.

Random picture na walang connection sa post na to:

Outside of the Ibis Hotel, there's this post.

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One thought on “si Chinese lola sa CR

  1. Kathleen

    Hahahahaha funny nga! Hahaha the hell!

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