gonna start packing! Adventure mode ON!

I really like the feeling of going into a different country. It is like meeting a new person.

This Sunday, I shall be flying to Singapore and frankly, I’m really excited. Actually, I’m going there on a two-week training, not a vacation. ;}. I’m going to give my best here, as always. According to Vincent, one of my friends who’s already there, the company has put us in a hotel near the Burgis Station of their train line. Oh! It’s also nice to know that they also call their trains, the MRT and LRT ;))

Check out the map Vincent gave me, he said it’d be useful when I decide to switch into Adventure Mode. You see, the company gave us money for taxi transportation to go to the office every week day. But frankly, I’d rather take the train or the buses. I want to feel what’s it like to be submerged in the daily life in Singapore.


Singapore MRT and LRT Map


My dear old yaya, Ate Dalen, was able to to go there and stayed there for about a year as a helper. I asked her if she still remembered her old employers, maybe I could meet them and show them some more recent of Ate Dalen. She used to always tell me that her Singaporean employers were very kind. They even gave her a set of gold jewelry as a gift before she went back to the Philippines.


Ate Dalen's ring from her old employers.


Right now I’m trying to map out the country, considering that you could literally go around in it in just one day (without shopping of course). Stanley, one of my college friends, has suggested for us to go on a tour! I can’t wait to see how the world is like there. Even if we’re all under the same sky, for me it’s still different. Aside from the wonder of the place, I also can’t wait to see my old friends who are now living and working there. :] (Corkee, sana wag lang SC2 ang gawin nating libangan pag dating ko dun, please :P. )

RIGHT! So, I’ll be seeing you soon Singapore. :] I’m gonna start listing out things I need. Yes, I’ll have my SLR attached to my body. I’m even thinking of getting new lenses. Hmm. I’m going to really capture Singapore and its beauty that I keep hearing about.

Pero syempre for now, mahal ko pa rin ang Nihon. (Probably yun na talaga…) Sa nihon ako natututo mamuhay mag isa. Dun ako natuto mag luto, mag laba and not because I was ordered to do it, but because I have to for myself. :] Dun din ako pumayat. wahaha. At ang major reason ay dahil ang Nihon ay Nihon itself. :] aww. *hugs the personified japan*

:) Onward my sisters and brothers, to infinity!! ….

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