Storms and Pigs

Right. So there’s going to be a strong storm again that’ll hit Manila.

It’s all over the news which sends some people, who are still traumatized from the Ondoy storm, rushing to prepare themselves. Some have stored food, floatation devices and some evern built their own boats. Kita ko kanina sa balita (yes, surprisingly I watch local tv too ;D )

Traumatized din kaya kami sa Ondoy! Dati natatakot kami baka hindi tumigil yung rain and mapuno yung 1st floor namin. Umabot sa waist, yung pinaka mataas sa bahay. It was lucky actually kasi hindi siya lampas tao and hindi natanggay ung bahay namin.


Ate Les during the Ondoy. Mababa pa lang yan.. umabot ng bewang.


It was weird kasi kanina, umulan daw nang super lakas. My sister sent me a text message from home, telling me that I should go back immediately kasi ang dilim and ang lakas sobra ng ulan. Hindi ko naman naramdaman ung rain that much, kasi I was inside this new mall sa tapat ng NAIA 3 and was watching RED. Pag labas namin nung kasama ko, the sky was blue and it was all sunny – as if it didn’t rain at all. Yun lang, super natraffic kami. -_-


Marvin (John Malkovich) and his pig from RED (movie). XD


Oh yeah… guys, the movie RED was okay+. It wasn’t just okay .. it was better than okay but it wasn’t WHOA! ^_~ Kasi it wasn’t as action packed as the trailer showed. I was expecting the action level to be like, Die Hard or Mission Impossible. Hehe. Pero it was cool to see action stars banding together against a common enemy. Tapos the ex-CIA vs some mysterious group who’s trying to kill them is not new, but I love those type of movies. Action and doomsday movies are WIN.

Pero if halimbawa, you don’t wanna watch it sa cinema, I think meron naman nabibili na sa mga tabi-tabi, if you know what I mean. Nung pauwi pa lang ako kanina, may nadaanan ako nagtitinda ng mga pirated dvds… and ang current preview movie niya sa small TV set niya ay … you guessed it, RED! Natawa nga ako eh. I mean… “kuya, kakapanood ko lang nito kanina. Lolz.” –> Pero syempre di ko to sinabi sa sa kuya pirated DVD seller. Delikado sa huminto sa streets ng pasay city pag gabi eh, maguglat ka na lang wala ka na sapatos. :D

Ayun. About the place naman, masaya sa Resorts World cinemas! Super onti ng tao, the seats are great, the sound, the ambiance and the staff are commendable too. I recommend! ^__^ Go there go there! Tapos may casino pa sa baba.. ;)) I will seriously try this out one day. Will blog about it to let you all know.

I’d recommend RED to people who are okay with Action Movies. Pero to those are die-hard fanatics of action movies, hmmm.. feeling ko you’ll be wanting more from this. Hehe.. parang ako. But still, the comedy was just right and the action scenes were AWESOME. :D

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One thought on “Storms and Pigs

  1. Kathleen

    “Delikado na huminto sa streets ng Pasay City pag gabi eh, maguglat ka na lang wala ka na sapatos.” >>> Hahahahaha!

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