a new member of the family!

It wass 4:40PM and I want to go home para malaro ko na si Max – my 3 month old golden retriever.

We got him nung Sunday from a good family in Mapayapa Village in Quezon City. It was their first time to breed and sell a Golden Retriever.

It was around 4PM nung Sunday when Ate and I decided to go to QC and get the puppy. It was little late and I was also rushing to get back to Pasay City for the Adam Lambert concert. We didn’t know how to navigate around Quezon City yet, so I mainly depended on Google maps. Fortunately, I saw a possible route to the Mapayapa village. It was going through Luzon Avenue. So, I thought it was the best decision.


O__O. I would NOT recommend Luzon Ave to anybody, especially if you have a car and you’re driving with your sister. The whole Luzon ave was … I don’t know, I could not even compare it to Edang Street in Pasay City. The road was very narrow, there were tricycles everywhere with tricycle drivers who are extremely rude, the wet and dry market was located throughout the whole road. It also seemed like cars were not common on that road because the pedestrians seem to be walking in the middle of the effing road!! I mean for crying out loud woman! TABI! So ayun, do not pass Luzon Ave if you can.

When we got there, we saw the owners/sellers (Aldwin and Cythia) of Almond (Max’s first name) and the place where Max spent his first three months. I saw his mother, who was already a full grown Golden Retriever, about 1 year and 5 months old. Ang laki! T__T Max is gonna be bigger than her. I also saw Max’s sister. :] aww.

Before we left, I asked if they could provide a towel that would be brushed against the fur of Max’s mother. So that at night, when Max goes to sleep, he won’t feel too lonely.

When we were about to leave, I was carrying Max. Aldwin and Cythia were saying goodbyes and it was sad to see them tearing up a little. Aldwin and Cynthia were still giving me some advice on how to care for Max, his allergies, his habits. Then they were talking to Max as if he were a real baby. It was really sad and touching. :(

I told Cythia that we will be friends in facebook, and I promise to keep them updated of how Max is doing. :]

Max is at home right now, probably playing or sleeping… or peeing somewhere. Hehe. I can’t wait to come home so that we could play again.

Max at 3 months old. :) Full of love and energy.



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