on the last day of my favorite month

Napatingin ako kanina sa calendar ko and noticed that it’s the last day of September. Oh no, 2010 is going to end soon, and what have I accomplished so far? Well, to tell you the truth… I am proud to say na I was able to make changes in my life.

Let’s begin with September alone (flips through my Belle De Jour planner):


1. September marks the day I was able to receive my first salary in my new company. Woohoo!

A quiet afternoon, reading the final book of Hunger Games.

A quiet afternoon, reading the final book of Hunger Games.

2. I was also able to have my “me” time in Diamond Hotel.

3. I was able to meet and tour (a little) Jackie, a foreign visitor from Taiwan, with Tinnie and Gail. We were able to go to the new Ayala Museum for the first time. It was a good experience, I would recommend that place to you guys.

4. A lot of my close friends, my mom, my dad and myself had our birthdays. ^^ Yehey! One of the reasons why September is a month I always wait for. I love birthdays! ^^

5. This is also the month when Mom went to the US for good to be with Dad. Now that they’re together, I realize that that’s how it should have been. :]

6. I was able to win 2 free advanced screening tickets  in a radio contest! Legend of the Guardians FTW! XD. Natuwa ako when I heard sa radio, “And our winner for today is Terri dela Cruz from Pasay City!” Sabi ko nga sa FB status ko dati, it was like seeing yourself as extra sa TV tapos kumakaway sa background.

7. Dad sent me Penpen and my new kick-ass HP laptop. KAYALANG AYAW PARIN MADOWNLOAD NG SC2 PATCH! *baaaaawwww* sniff sniff.

8. My clearance from the previous company has been completed and signed! ^^ Yehey! Masaya ang mangyayari after three weeks. /gg

9. I was able to see and have dinner with my batchmates from Action from AWS! XD Nakita ko na rin ang super cute ko na inaanak na si Jerry ^^. The boy is pure talent and cuteness. *__*

with Aleena and Jeff Lui

10. I was able to give something dun kay lola na nasa Quezon Ave sometimes. She’s an old lady na nanlilimos sa may baba ng MRT. She holds out a sign na “Onting tulong para po sa aking mata.” I don’t know if it’s just a gimmick, pero I just know na I want to help. Sometimes I give her food instead of money. Naisip ko nga dati na sumulat sa Wish Ko Lang sa GMA, malapit lang naman ung GMA sa Quezon Ave. Hehe.

11. I have also become a “ninang” (godmother) for the second time. This time sa isang cute baby girl ni Pearlyshell. ^_^

12. Another change. Something that will change me so much. haaay.


Ayan, now I wonder what will October bring? It’s the last quarter of 2010… gotta make the most out of it. :]

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