wag makipag away sa kalsada… please.

This morning medyo nagkaron ng hindi magandang usapan ung Tita ko and ang tenant niya. Apparently ang tenant ay hindi na nagbayad for 3 months. Now they are telling us na sabi daw ng abogado nila, meron daw silang right na hindi magbayad ng last 3 months nila. I mean, WTF?!

Naaawa rin ako sa tenants ng Tita ko, kasi hindi talaga sila makabayad. Ang husband niya ay isang tricycle driver, tapos ang dami nilang mga anak na walang mga trabaho. Meron sila maliit na tindahan, pero I guess it’s not earning enough to provide for their needs in a day.

Sabi ko na lang sa tita ko, wag na pilitin ung money na hindi pa nababayaran. Kasi kung wala sila mababayad, wala talaga. Pero hindi pwede na dyan pa sila nakatira. So papa-alisin na lang.

They caused a little commotion outside, which was very embarrassing kasi, our family, we never do that. We don’t argue with other people outside and as much as possible, we keep to ourselves dito sa Pasay City. Pero when people are trying us and invading what was original ours, we hold our ground.

But it’s getting difficult kasi my mom and aunt are getting older. My mom is leaving pa for the US, so that leaves me and my sister (and our 5 bodyguards – for those who intend to get inside our house) to deal with the problems dito.

Buti na lang na those people we have to deal with are not very violent. Ayaw ko naman na mag karon pa ng violent na away or usapan. Ang pakikipag away in palengkera mode is degrading.

Haaay. : ( Why do the neighbors have to be like this? You don’t do anything at all sa kanila, pero sila ay ganyan sa inyo. Haaay.

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