the legend of the red horse beer “Happy Horse”

The Legend:

“The Happy Horse, bottles of Red Horse Beer allegedly featuring a smiling horse icon, has long been rumored in existence. No one knows for sure what they do or where they came from.”

When I was in saGuijo one time with Borj, Riz and AR, dun ko unang nakita ang Happy Horse, na tuwang-tuwa na itinuro sakin ni borjie. Sabi daw ng mga nakararami, “the alcohol sa mga Happy Horse bottles ay stronger daw than the regular Red Horse beers.” You will know kung ano ung Happy Horse pag ung Horse na logo ng Red Horse Beer ay nakangiti. :D Yep, nakangiti siya. At yung sulat sa likod ng bote ay written in RED letters, not the usual white. Some people order specially the “happy horse”, meron naman daw mga places where they separate their Happy Horses in a special freezer.

Well, yun din ang akala ko dati – na mas malakas ang tama ni Happy Horse, at dahil na-curious ako, may nakita ako something interesting about it. (wala, geeky talaga) Sabi ni Elaine : mula sa kanyang Yahoo Answer sa isang walang imagination na tanong na makikita sa link na ito:

“First of all the happy horse having a stronger kick is a myth.

They are the same brew because they come from the same line in the brewing process.

The only difference between the happy horse and the regular RH is the packaging.

What they call the happy horse is the old packaging.

Red Horse changed a little bit of their logo in 1992 which resulted in new bottles being made.

The old bottles (happy horse) still exist because RH bottles are recycled and cleaned.

Their life span is 20 years before they get discarded.

You can determine the age of the bottle by looking at the bottle’s scuff level.

It’s the white band around the neck of the bottle. the thicker it is, the older the bottle.”

O diba. Even if totoo siya or not, it still makes sense.

Anyway yun lang.

OktoberFEST na! : D

(Actually Septemberfest …)

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One thought on “the legend of the red horse beer “Happy Horse”

  1. natry ko na di sya same lang din n prehomg tumama, tamang limot! Hehe,
    comment ko lang, dpat yung octoberfest all over philippines lahat nman ng places khit bukid consumes a lot of beer, like na experience ko sa lucena city,quezon pg fiesta every street with band performs khit local lang almost 3 days syang ganun! Sna gn2 din gwin ng smb ibang bayan d lng near metros..everyone agrees?

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