the last 24 hours of being 24

What have I done so far in my 24 years?

I have changed so much in the last 2 years alone. Aside from physically, where I lost a rather large amount of weight (alright 55 pounds. lol), I also have changed the way I think of things. Sometimes I’m scared if I have turned into someone who doesn’t believe in romance anymore.

Ahh, scrap that. I will always be a romantic fool. I think I have Love Story cells in my body.

Today as I was on my 1 hour travel to work, I was in the MRT again. I realized that being on the move and always aware made me feel comfortable. So being on there on a fast train, where I see the lights and the high buildings being left behind, I know I’m going to be okay. This train is taking me – FAST – to another place where there are new worlds to conquer and people’s lives to change. I know that my friends who love me will always be there, and I know that those who hate me, will always be there too. I have come to accept that, even if I still hope that some day it will change.

So on my last 24 hours of being 24, I would like to send out hugs and kisses to my friends who mean a lot to me. : ]  Thank you. (makakareceive na lang po kayo ng something sa email or YM ID. Paki text sa celphone # ko ang confirmation code to claim your prize. haha!)

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