things to be thankful for – first two days of september

Some things to be thankful for.

September 1:

  • I received good news. :] It’s for me to keep for now. I wish, deep inside this heart that it will really push through.

September 2:

  • Gel-sama – an old friend from way back my previous company, who also happens to be my officemate right now- finally came back from his US trip! Yehey!

I was actually anticipating his return since Tuesday, got disappointed when he still wasn’t there. But still, now that my old friend has returned .. YEHEY! Haha. When I arrived here at my new company, I had to search for Gel’s desk. He told me that he left Kyogre (a stuffed toy that I gave him for Christmas 2007) on top of it. I have been meaning to send him this picture, but it always fails. I hope he gets to see this though. Hehe.

A fellow anime-enthusiast, Gel-sama keeps Kyogre on top of his desk.

  • Pen-pen finally arrived (at my dad’s house)!

There was a time when I was in Tokyo with Jenny-chan, and while on our way back to our hotel in Harumi, I saw THIS in a glass case beside some Evangelion-themed chocolates! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it that I wanted to spend the rest of my remaining money on it.

Who cares if I won’t have anything to eat?! Haha! But Jenny-chan, being my conscience, reminded me that we still have a few days left in Tokyo and that we need to save money for more souvenirs.

Penpen stares into your soul.

But my impulsiveness won over my self-control and after a good 20 minutes of debate with myself and Jenny, I asked the store keeper if I could see the stuffed toy.

“Sumimasen! Kore wo misete kudasai!” I pointed at the Penpen who was looking at me cutely with those round eyes.

The storekeeper – an old lady – handed me the chocolates in a box beside Penpen. I quickly said that those weren’t what I was asking for, and pointed instead at the penguin.

What she said left me dumbfounded. “Ahh, sore wa dame desu.” She was trying to say that Penpen was not for sale. T____T

Jenny-chan and I had a good laugh about it on the way home. Then I told her, I swear, I will get myself that Penpen stuffed toy.

I was able to talk to dad this afternoon. He told me that he saw a penguin arrive today in his house. I had the items shipped to my dad in New Jersey, because it’s cheaper if he’s the one to send it to me here in Manila.

Dad was like, “Dumating na yung penguin mo. Napagod ata kakalakad.” I laughed at this and told him that he should feed it, “Oo nga eh, ang gaan na nga niya. Pumayat ata.”

Aww. I miss dad.

Tomorrow, I am going to anticipate what happiness will the days of September bring forth. I realize that if you choose to recognize the good stuff, they will keep on coming. :]

Good night you guys.

Good night. ^_^

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One thought on “things to be thankful for – first two days of september

  1. classic dad joke. :’))

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