You Can’t Stop My Shine

Today, was my second day at my new work.

I used to work in Alabang, in the far side of the southern cities. Now I am working on the opposite side, in Quezon City. It’s a good thing that I live in Pasay. For some reason, I always find myself somewhere in between.

I took the MRT again this morning. I boarded at Taft station and caught the train which was about to leave, so most of the seats have been taken. I was forced to just hold tight to the rails.

While the train was speeding through EDSA, I could not help but think that the train is going fast. It is taking me away from the south, from a way of life that I used to have. It was the days of Tagaytay after work, movie nights in Alabang Town Center, hanging out at SereniTea in BF Las Pinas, Mang Raul’s in Almanza… just to name a few.

Leebears at SereniTea

When did it start? It started on a night when I have to go to Laguna, but I didn’t know how. Then the universe started creating its own magic based on the decisions I chose at every situation. Which led to some tragic events…. *dot dot dot*, which are difficult to fix now. Only time, probably, can fix this. Some time away.

It’s already at Buendia station, I could see the Makati Skyline, way over there as we reach Guadalupe station. Bye Makati, I whispered to myself. When I walked in your streets on a weekday, I still fear that I will see something which will induce an unpleasant memory. But they are just memories now. I know someday, the hurt will be buried even if the memories are still there.

Then I passed by the Porsche store. ; ) Oh yeah. If I pass here everyday, I thought to myself, I’m going to make that Porsche billboard my internal Vision Board. I’m gonna get that car. You can bet on it.

Around Cubao, I was able to take a seat. Whew. My feet hurt a little.

I’m going to be someone who will make a name better than who I was. This time, I will prove that I could go through anything difficult that will come my way. I have been through a nightmare before, have contemplated jumping off a ledge, been bad-mouthed and hated by some friends, been betrayed … but despite of that, I have also been loved and have also been given everything once. I used to be the world for someone and for a time, I was able to experience what it was like to be loved unconditionally.

I am going to go through this sadness and difficulty. I told myself firmly.

Eat. Pray. Love with White Chocolate Mocha

To quote Elizabeth Gilbert in, she said to herself once while caught in a storm of depression, “So be lonely, Liz. Learn your way around loneliness. Make a map of it. Sit with it, for once in your life. Welcome to the human experience.”

Gumagawa na po ng map. : P

… so tomorrow, it’s now the third day of work.

On the Funny side:

While somewhere in QC a while ago, we saw a small shop with its name printed on a large banner. It read,  “IT Log Park” : ) ) Ang cute. Tawa ko nang tawa. IT Log park. ROFL. Next time papapicture ako dun.

the new setting for terri-in-the-making


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2 thoughts on “You Can’t Stop My Shine

  1. terriloochhh… 3 days pass pa lang… i miss serenitea na… :(

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