Why I Tell Jokes – Reminiscing the College Life


Raymond was finished with his introduction. It was my turn to introduce myself. The turns started from the first row, from the girl named Razel Adornado. I took a deep breath and stood up, “Hello, my name is Terri.”

That class was my first block in college and had been my closest group of friends. I still remember everyone, their surnames and the seating arrangement. I didn’t know anyone when I came to class, it was a new experience! I always loved meeting new people, it was like charting an area on my map and making the area visible now.

On that day, before class, I introduced myself to one my blockmates, Kathleen Flores – who we now call Katflo and who is now living and working in Singapore. After I shook her hand and a light conversation, I said goodbye and went off to the next person. When I was out of earshot, I didn’t know that she muttered, “Ano yun? Running for president?”

We still joked about it until now, because we really did run and did win for Student Council on our final year, with Zashi-san as my Vice President, and no experience at all with these kind of things. Hehe.

Our block was pretty much a tight bunch. Most of the WS (an acronym for the group) still stick together, even until now. We became addicted to Raganarok Online – our guild competed in the first RPC, where Mac (Dancer), Ja (Sage) and I (High Priest) participated in our first cosplay contest.  We used to sleep for 3 hours  – at most – during x3 days, even skipped class just to play.

I was told that there were people who were responsible for making us stick together. I think it was the effort of everyone, not just a few.

Well it was fun missing those days. When things were not so complicated.

“I like to crack jokes.” I said. The professor, Michael Betco chuckled and asked me, “Aba, bakit?” At that moment, I told myself never to introduce myself this way anymore. It was rather inappropriate and besides, Wala ako naka-ready na joke! “Because I like to make my friends laugh.”

At that time, I didn’t know na the block AC3 would go a long way together. : ]


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