bumabaha na naman

Muntik na kami pasukin uli ng baha this morning. My sister had to wake me up with the words “Pare, bumabaha na!” Balikwas ako agad and had to recall our Ondoy Drill if in case pumasok nga yung water sa bahay. We lifted the couches and put them up sa dining chairs (yep, amazing to), kami lang tatlo nila ate and mom. Inakyat din namin yung mga personal na gamit namin na mabababa.

After a few minutes later, the rain let up, with barely an inch sa may ledge nung bahay. I thought aabutin kami, pero thankfully, hindi naman.

Kanina, as I was putting back my things sa desk, I realized na no matter how many times na may dumating na disaster, you will still manage to put your things back together.

Disasters will come and you will get rattled. You will be forced out of your comfort zone, you will feel the adrenaline rush in you tapos magagawa mong i-save whatever remaining things you have. Tapos when the chaos is over, you will find yourself putting things back where they were. Pero this time, mas lilinisin mo and you will see things na hindi mo naman pala talaga kailangan.

But one thing is for sure, hindi dapat mag stop ang buhay dahil may nangyari lang sayo na mga disasters. If you are forced out, then be grateful because this can be for the good. I probably need some time to breathe, away from all the drama of everything we are going through.

It’s time to stay away from things that push me down.

Onting time na lang, I will move out of this place for the better tapos I will put back my things and things will be okay.


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2 thoughts on “bumabaha na naman

  1. Joie

    you mean about the flood, right? :))

    • of course Joie-sama, hindi naman double meaning yang post na yan eh. ;))
      Aheehee. :-*

      *is excited for our next adventure* :D Here we come palawan!

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