Lessons Learned

I am hurt and angry right now. Very.

But! I have learned from Rule # 12 that you should not spread your anger over the internet! : D (special thanks to you-know-who-you-are)

Kaya, instead of writing down anger, let’s pour some water on it and discuss things learned along the way.

So let’s just … I don’t know. I feel too depressed to pretend to be happy, but I know na that is the bravest thing to do in a time like this. Natatakot lang ako sana walang iwan to na scar or anything. Ayaw ko maging hangup to in the later life.

My dear friends,

Be honest to your friends. I have learned from experience na keeping stuff from your friends, when they have all the right in the world to know, will only make matters worse. Especially when it’s them, themselves who are involved in this situation. Not only are you making a fool out of them, but you are practicing your own ways of deceit.

I value honesty so much, pero I have a problem keeping it.  But I am doing something about it.

A long time ago, I really did not value honesty that much. Until I met the first person who loved me unconditionally for who I really was. It was from him where I have learned that honesty is very important.

But still, I know that we are all prone to betrayal. We commit it and we, in turn, also got betrayed. It will hurt and you will be able to feel this kind of anger which could blind all rational thought.

At this fragile moment, you will need all the summoned effort of your friends to keep you from doing stupid things (like lashing out sa blog mo, posting YM status na may meaning, posting sa FB status ng mga kung anu-ano – things na you will regret one day na ginawa mo out of anger). Your friends will be there for you to help you calm down, but don’t abuse the attention.

Sabi sakin ng isang good friend ko na si JLR last night, every time you do an action, try to evaluate it using 3 rules.

1. Will you regret this action in the future if you do it now? Kung you know you will regret it, then don’t even think of doing it.

2. Will I die because of it (this something na ginawa sayo)? Hindi ka nila sinabihan na magkikita sila, will you die from it? Hindi naman diba? So let it go for crying out loud!

3. Will this action help the situation? If it will only make matters worse, then don’t do it. This is the easiest to think of.

I have been feeling really strong emotions lately, and each of them, I try to break down and analyze. I know which feelings are wrong, pero I couldn’t stop myself from feeling them.


I know I could do something about the way I react to these feelings. Sure, they hurt. Pero it doesn’t mean na I should hurt other people in return.

My anger is my own anger. I’ll deal with it myself and nobody else has to suffer for it.

Then comes something na pag ginawa mo … ikaw rin makaka-benefit.


Do I sound like I’m preaching? Well, it is true actually. If you forgive, really forgive… the pain will gradually go away. You will just remember it as a memory, which will always be there.

Feelings fade… they are all temporary, but the things that happen in your life, they do not fade. They all happened and they will always be remembered… pero how you reacted to these at this moment – you got hurt, you got angry – you will forget that pain and that anger … someday. Even if matagal pa, even if soon, it will go away.

I am hurt and angry right now. Very.

But this hurt and anger are mine.


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2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. Roda

    Feelings fade… but the things that happen in your life do not… very true… mahirap bawiin yung things na mga nagawa and nasabi na.
    You may be hurt and angry now, but it’ll fade… :*

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