keeping it down

Medyo toxic ngayon ang facebook for me. It’s best to stay away rather than charge in. When confronted, I’ll just hold my guard and stay here. Throw me your questions and I will answer them. I’m glad someone was brave and considerate enough to ask me and hear my side, even if I know that that wasn’t your real intention, -_- but nevertheless, thank you.

Nobody’s retreating, but I’m not going to fight anymore. I’ve had my share of people badmouthing me behind my back and you know, it’s not really a good feeling when there’s “bad chismis” (so they say) floating around about you.

Someone told me once, the best way to deal with this thing, is to keep it down. Ignore and not say anything. For a time, I thought it was the right thing to do too.

But that is wrong.

The more people don’t know, the more they will talk about it. More assumptions shall be raised and many will be outraged about things that they are not sure about.

So when stuff like these happen, you best answer them when you are confronted. It’s part of the consequences of your actions. Suck it up and be a man… a woman, in my case. Hehe.

(bili lang kami ni tyano ng lunch.) Haay. For now, I’ll leave everything to Him and have faith. Wala nako magagawa at this point… but to keep it down.

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One thought on “keeping it down

  1. Kathleen

    Badmouthing/backstabbing – I’m experiencing it now… and never a good feeling! Pareho tayo sa facebook pa, kaya nga ayoko ng mag-facebook eh. Paminsan-minsan na lang. Ang ginagawa ko na lang is to keep quiet and wag na lang pumatol… pero ayaw pa ring tumigil… grrrrr… haha.

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