Because You Are Always There

When I was child, there was a day when I went inside our classroom and found it empty. I thought it was okay, because i always came to school earlier before anyone else. Until flag ceremony has started and not one classmate has entered the room. I started to cry because I was alone and I didn’t know why nobody else was there.

Good thing, one of my friends from another classroom saw me all alone and they have reported me to one of the teachers. According to her, our section didn’t have classes today, but I wasn’t able to get the information because I didn’t go with them on the field trip yesterday. So she sent me outside of the campus, without knowing how to get home on my own and left me by the gate. I was still crying and I really didn’t have any idea how to go home. I was only 6 years old.

I didn’t know then, but I thought it was my guardian angel who was with me until our familiar school service arrived. Our driver saw me crying and he hauled me up the van and asked me what happened. I didn’t tell him. I don’t remember why I didn’t. All I remember was that I was very scared. I didn’t know what was going on.

When I got home, I knew I had to go to that person who made me feel safe. I ran to my mom who I hugged tightly and cried my eyes out. Then I realized that that was the first time I ever hugged my mom back.

Last night, I was downstairs thinking of something to write about for my speech when I heard my mother from upstairs make those noises that tell when she’s going to have a seizure. My mother has epilepsy – a disorder of the central nervous system characterized by loss of consciousness and convulsions.

While she was unconscious, I was holding her hand and I was trying not to cry. Wanting to thank her for everything that she was to me. For being there for me and loving me unconditionally. I guess I am one of those lucky people out there, whose time is not to late to express how much they love their mothers for everything.

It’s not too late. Before going to bed, I wrote a note and placed it on her desk, “Mom, you’re the best. I <3 you.”

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2 thoughts on “Because You Are Always There

  1. beautiful. :’)

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