my center

Usually, whenever there’s a new lot or condominium unit owned by Ayala corporation that’s going to be out for sale, this guy Albie Hernandez sends group mails to possible investors.

Just recently, I was able to receive one for Venare, the new development which is currently ongoing at Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Have you ever tried to go to Nuvali? :] Ang ganda dun, lalo na sa gabi. Someone took me there one time, it was really romantic and quiet. Tapos ang ganda ng streetlights and there were only a few people. I wanted to go down tapos mag picture, but unfortunately, hindi ko dala nun ung tripod ko and camera.

But if permitted, I would like to go there again, and I will come prepared.

Recently, I’m getting really familiar sa southern area because it is one of my closest friends’ territory. Mula Alabang hanggang Batangas, hindi siya maliligaw dun. He told me he even knows the road so much, he could drive sa gabi without headlights on – but of course I don’t let him. hehe

Which makes me think of actually residing in that area because it’s starting to feel like home. Wait, maybe not yet, but I want to. Something is pulling me closer to that place. It feels warm and happy.

But still, I feel that my center belongs elsewhere. Do you know where your center is? Napagusapan namin to ni ate. Each of us has a place where we feel na “it’s where it’s at”. It’s THAT place where stuff are going on.

Kay ate, she feels na her center is MOA. If there is any other place where she’d go, it’d be MOA. Ako, on the other hand, my center right now is definitely Makati. Feeling ko, I need to be exposed to Makati from time to time or else my EQ will go down and I’ll be one grumpy little girl. XD However, it’s slowly turning into the south. Southern air and lights are just so attractive.

Do you know where your center is ?

Siguro, for some people, it’s where they feel their heart is at home.

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