Why I still feel Lucky – kahit nadukutan

Just a quick post about mandurukot!

Nadukutan ako last night. It was very quick, marami sila mga malalaking men. Around 8-9 men sila. (Parang mag bouncers. O_o hehe) Tapos what they did was very quick and systematic. I only realized it after ko makita na wala na ung wallet ko and other people also exclaimed na nadukutan sila.

Anyway, I want to vent out na wala ko pakialam sa pera (well medyo, lolz) pero ung wala pa kasi 300 pesos ung laman nung wallet ko. (IN YOUR FACE, you mandudukot you! Sana mabasa mo blog ko!) Pero it had things na important sakin kasi may sentimental value.

First ung wallet na bigay ng ate ko for christmas, then ung bigay sakin ni Lee na St.jude na prayer for the hopeless (may time daw kasi na hopeless ako. whehe), and ung small na magic silver wallet na bigay sakin ng isang person in my life. :[ Nalulungkot ako kasi twice na yun nawala, ung magic wallet ko I mean. When I was able to talk to him nga, lungkot na lungkot ako. :[ bigay niya kasi sakin yun.

Ano pa ba andun… Oh! Yung Ayala A-card ko! T_T Pwede naman ata un palitan. Gym ID ko sa Slimmers, siguro pag inattempt nila gamitin yun, mamumukaan naman sila ng staff ng slimmers right? I mean, a big hulking man tapos ung ID ay named “Terri-Ann”…? Lol. Yung Driver’s License – which is a very big inconvenience. Kasi ibig sabihin I have to go to LTO to have one made … AGAIN. Saka ung ATM card ko, which caused my panic last night when I realized nadukutan nga ako. But it’s blocked now. Don’t worry.

The way I see it now, I am thankful kasi it could have been worse. We were surrounded by a group of big men who were capable of a holdap or even worse – killing people, pero nanakawan lang ako in a very peaceful way (kung pwede ba ung ma describe na ganun). I’m glad hindi ganun kalaki ung money in my wallet, wala ung credit card ko dun and walang masama nangyari sakin.

So I guess, I was lucky then.

Although I lost ung magic wallet ko. :[ I feel sad about it.

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One thought on “Why I still feel Lucky – kahit nadukutan

  1. safety is in the mind. if you feel at risk in an otherwise harmless environment, you’re courting danger. if you trust in the benevolence of the Universe in the face of the scariest situations, you would be planting the seeds of courage.

    you have every right to be angry and to rant and to feel bitter and to say you’re not okay. fuck them! why is it up to you, na nadukutan, to say immediately after the fact that you actually feel lucky? you were freakin’ unlucky and inconvenienced and fuckin’ terrorized, pare.

    and lastly, going back to safety, sometimes the people we think make us feel safe are the most dangerous of all. they are dangerous *not* because of what they are. i believe people are neither good nor bad: we are born into a fixed condition that will take many lifetimes to get out of. but people become dangerous the moment we believe that they hold the key to our safety.

    take care of yourself, sis. ultimately, you just have you.

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