nihongo kaiwa class

During MWF, we have our Basic Japanese Conversation classes. Every time we do that, something funny always happens.

Memory #1:

Kumagai Sensei: “Warau kanji no kakikata wa dou desu ka?” (How do you write the kanji for laughter?)

DJ wrote something on his paper and showed it to us.

DJ's kanji for Laughter

DJ's kanji for Laughter

Ang kulit. Hehe.


Memory #2:

Numbers in nihongo are read as [number]+”ban”.

one = “ichi”



So, “number two” in Japanese is “Ni-ban!”

Alright! Very good children.

A while ago, we were discussing about Japanese Business Manners. Kumagai sensei showed a situation where you would be tested on where you’re going to seat the Okyakusama (client), your boss and yourself while inside a car.

"Who sits in #2?"

"Who sits in #2?"

After sensei explained that customer should sit on #1 and your boss should sit on #3, I suddenly asked out loud without thinking: “So, sino ung nasa ni-ban?” and LOLed after hearing myself out loud.


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