pour me some water!

I try to imagine that there’s this tall glass.

Tapos, the things that made me sad and hurt are the small gray stones.

Marami sila, yes. They fill up the whole glass for me.

Pero .. you know what kind of happiness I’m feeling for the past week?

… imagine na may nag pour ng water sa glass filled with those stones.

Regardless kung may stones in it, there will always be places where the happyness could seep right in. It will still effortlessly go into the empty spots and would fill the cracks with thirst-quenching calmness.

No, hindi siya find the hidden mickey.Stones represent stuff that keep us from being happy (although may hidden mickey nga dyan)

May time na I was sa jeep, on the way to the office, and I felt this calmness. I wasn’t hurting, I wasn’t longing, I wasn’t angry… It was all just calm. It wasn’t boring, rather it was actually a nice feeling to savor. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling.

A little later, nakaisip ako ng joke. Pero save ko na lang for the office later.

Who's the happy little cat, huh? huh? Who is it? Is it you?! Oh yes it's you!

Last night I went to Manila.

… and I had an expensive conversation with a friend.

I realized that I had many really, true friends who would rather drag me out of my loneliness rut than let me be emo. :]

And I was able to make an analogy which I was able to explain clearly sa kausap ko. I used that glass with stones in it analogy. :] hehehe

Sadness doesn’t belong to my personality. I could help more people if I am not in a sad emotional state.

I’d rather be the old warm and sunny Terri. The one which Neriza described as the Terri “na may rainbow sa likod, anywhere she goes.”

*skips away* and goes off to tell new joke to Tyano. Wil is ignoring me eh. -_-

By the way, this post marks a new category which was just added. : ]  “Happy”. Oh yay!

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