they’re making money out of everything


Because many people have been joining, registration fees for Fun Runs are getting more expensive, it’s starting to get ridiculous.

I remember last year, for 250 Peso registration fee, you could get your singlet with your race number and some freebies after the run.

But this time, registrations fees are over 500 pesos!

I really enjoy participating in fun runs like these, but as the registration fees get more unnecessarily expensive, it makes me think of why would you still pay that much if you can just run on your own?

Back then, it was fun when they weren’t so greedy about it. It WAS when it was called FUN RUN.

Globe Run for Home = 3k/5k is 550 php.

Greenmiles = 5K is 500 php.

Unilab Run for Wellness = 5K is 550 php.

… list of races from

: ( hay naku.

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2 thoughts on “they’re making money out of everything

  1. Shinji Ikari

    Good realization… :)
    My cousin told me about this last year.

    It was never about the “fun” nor the “health”… he he… :P

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