more than just a responsibility

My batchmates right now are fulfilling the things I want to do in my life.

They are backpacking right now on the way to Pagudpud and will be going back to manila by plane on Sunday.

They keep me updated with their adventures. I remember on Monday, they sent me a video when they were about to go snorkeling in hundred islands. Yesterday, they were having lunch at Vigan, where empanada happened to look so good.

I was feeling happy for them because they are having fun. Although I was supposed to go with them, but I wasn’t given permission to take a leave off work.

It feels depressing really.

And a while ago, I was able to receive a picture of them petting a tiger. T_T *waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* I’ve always wanted to do that! I wanted to go to Thailand to do that! I can’t believe we have a tiger petting zoo here in the Philippines! (hindi counted yung Zoobic, hindi naman tiger petting zoo yun eh O___o )

The tiger picture sent my mood plummeting down today to abysmal level.

You see, I’ve been trying not to feel too negative. Pero things just don’t help with the mood. Frustrations always pop up … and keep aggravating you until the end of the day.

I know I could still go one day, but I rarely find people nowadays who would like to go and who could do things like that. Some want to, but are restricted with their budget and time.

: ( so if you happen to be reading this, would you go to a tiger petting zoo with me please?

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4 thoughts on “more than just a responsibility

  1. me me me

  2. Leon

    Tara let’s game!

  3. Joie

    tara lets bagnet!

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