the start of the last week

the nijikai at thai ha's room

Today  starts our last week in training and then we’re gonna head back to Manila.

Today also marks the day our Vietnamese friends go back to Ho Chi Minh (Yen, Lam, Nhan, Teddy) and to Hanoi (Khanh, Thai Ha, Huyen, Anh, Cuong, Hui). It was so sad to see them load up their stuff in the taxi.   :  (

We just got close to each other within three weeks and today, I just realized that they’re some people who I’m looking forward to see every morning.  awww…


I just keep thinking about them and how sad it’s going to be for the next week. Not only will I think about leaving Japan again, but actually feel the loneliness in this hotel without them. Awww. : (

*apir* ^^ high-five with Thai Ha

*runs to jenny-san* baaaaawwwww ….. cry cry cry.

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2 thoughts on “the start of the last week

  1. Shinji Ikari

    Life goes on… :D

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