I was recently looking for a tiger petting zoo here in the Philippines. I knew meron sa Subic, some of my friends who have been there brought back home pictures where they’re cautiously petting big tigers.

Siguro, I will try first sa Subic. : ) It’s not too far anyway and it’s more realistic for now. I could set that up as one of the batchmates outing for the start of early next year.

But what I’m really after is the tiger petting zoo in Thailand’s Theravada Buddhist temple. Apparently, it has become a sanctuary for animals who have been orphaned because of poachers. Tourists go there to pet the animals. ^_^ aww.

A monk walking tigers at the Theravada Buddhist Temple (from wikipedia)

I won’t need telephoto lens after all to shoot tigers. Hehe. Because about a few months ago, our teachers in photography class have shown us photographs of wild animals in the safari. They were using telephoto lenses because they have to maintain a safe distance away from the tigers. Heehee!

Now, I will have the opportunity to have a tiger lie down on my lap. ^_____________^ wheee.

Once I get to do this, this will be the closest I’ll get to my dream of becoming a Discovery / National Geographic documentarian. I always wanted to travel and see other places around the world. ^_^ mmmmmm.

raaawr! I can haz tiger :D wheeeeeee (from Travel Beggar's Blog)

On with the adventures!

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2 thoughts on “tigers!

  1. The farm technician in Island Cove (Kawit, Cavite) offered to let a group pet their tigers but the group refused… one of the tigers (most likely female) is restless and is going in circles in their cage… :P

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