Avatar! Beautiful!

Grabe! Napanood niyo na ba Avatar?!

Jake, ready to catch his first Ikran :)

Hindi pa?!

Manood ka na! Now na!

Grabe your favorite officemate, your crush, your friend or next person closest to you and watch.

Promise. Hindi ka mag sisisi.

Avatar was amazingl! I loved the story (reminds me of pocahontas :D). The CGI was impressive. The creatures they have created were very beautiful.

And the story was redeeming in the end. Heehee. Kasi the villains were really evil. As in during the story, I can’t believe ganto sila ka-heartless. -_-

Basta. Avatar is another Highly-recommended movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t delay anymore. Promise, it’s worth the money. Flying along the floating Mountains in Pandora.


Oh yeah, Avatar’s Banshees (Ikran – the pteranodon-like creatures that they use for flying) reminded me so much of WoW’s Wyverns mounts.

And one of my friends (seph seph) observed that Avatar is like Wow x SC. Haha! Right on. First time I saw the Na’vi reminded me instantly of night elves.

:D and the characters, you will just love them.

Jake, being taught by Neytiri how to use the bow and arrow. :)

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