honey and clover . :) the beginning.


usagijen-chan just burned me seasons 1 and 2 of Honey and Clover. *___*

It actually felt nice talking with jen-chan. We spent most of the day LOL-ing at things na only the two of us find funny and squee-ing at sparkling bishounens with long, gorgeous hair. oooooh.

Honey and Clover got my interest because of Jen-chan’s Life Goes On post. We were reading this during the project management training. *big smile* wahehehehehe.

Hai, mimashou ka? :)

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2 thoughts on “honey and clover . :) the beginning.

  1. … like “soul friends”… if there’s such a term… you guys look really amusing (in a nice way) together… :P

    • fraaaannkkk!!!! waheheheh. *huggity*
      when i was on my way home, marami pa ako naisip na gusto ko pa i-share :)) haha.. chat ko na lang :)

      Hope things were okay nung hinatid niyo na si hanagata-sensei! :) rawr.

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