Runner’s High

there’s always a first time for everybody to run sa isang marathon. hehe

Pero no, not mine. This is probably my 6th or 7th. I lost count.

(from left) Noel, Renz, DJ, Harold, Amy, me, Jojo, Sir Butch

I stil remember my first marathon here in Manila. Kasi I started running only when I was in Japan. I was after the goal of losing weight because of a bet I made with someone. I searched online for some tips, even tried the south beach diet and other things. Pero none of them worked.

Pero … I lost 55 pounds. I came from 165lbs and I was able to reach 110lbs.

Pero you know, di maganda ung 110 pounds. It was too thin. Even my friends say so. Kaya nag gain ako uli. So i’m somewhere in 115 – 119. :) Maintaining that.

How did I lose weight? Ask me na lang personally. :P Or chat niyo ko. heheh. It’s actually not so difficult.

Anyway,  naalala ko lang. Kasi I just joined the Fit N Right fun run at MoA nung sunday. I was so used at running in the Fort, kaya nung nasa MOA na.. it was a breath of fresh air. Ang saya mag run dun. It felt different. hehe

Dami rin nila freebies after the run. For each runner, they gave away about 5 cans of fitnright, 2 bottles na maliit, 3 tetrapacks ng juice and 1 liter of fit n right. Ang bigat dalhin, buti na lang sinabay kami ni Sir butch.

(from left) Dj, me, Noel and Renz (picture from Noel)

Ngayon, I’m usually the one who invites people in the office pag may run. Pero recently, si Kuya harold na gumagawa nun.  hehehe. natutuwa ako kasi they’re also enthusiastic about it.

I so love running with sir butch. Nag 5K kami and he’s the type of person who would really push you to test your limits. Ang galing. Feeling ko nga may coach ako na kasama while running. hehe. He also says the most inspiring words it’s amazing.

(sir butch! i’m your biggest fan!!)

And I still do feel the Runner’s High sometimes. When there’s nothing and nobody there .. just you and the road.

Sana all the time na lang yung runner’s high.

More pictures of the marathon here. From my celphone lang. hehe.. di pwede mag run while carrying ang SLR. Ang bigat nun.

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