the twenty twelve movie failed my expectations… aww.

After much persuasion kay jobelle and gel, we have finally seen the much awaited disaster movie this year … 2012.

Before watching this nakakarinig na ko ng mga comments like, “Naku! ang panget.” … or “most of it seemed impossible!” Well, usually, before I watch a movie, I listen to the comments and reviews of others. Pero it doesn’t really affect my opinion of the movie. I have to see it for myself.

Kasi may time na kami ni borj nanood ng Vantage Point, and every one said panget. But it was actually great para sakin. Tapos ung Transformers 2 … oh come on. -__- hindi ko talaga to nagustuhan. Ang dragging pa niya. I mean, maganda ung Transformers na una, pero the sequel? I hated it. Mas maganda pa ung Star Trek, which I’m sure we all agree on that it kicks ass.

So, we saw 2012. And wow! It failed to meet my expectations as a disaster movie … and I like disaster movies. Aww. Pero it was really gripping. Sumasakit na nga ung mga arms nila Gel and Jobelle kasi palagi ko na nagrip. haha. There were many scenes na super “how can they pull this off?” and .. mga very convenient circumstances.

It was exciting, YES. Pero when the movie was finished, I did not get that feeling na natuwa ako. I felt disappointed. There were a couple of really dragging scenes, some dialogue which sounded so cheesy if said in real life and ridiculously impossible situations (although which i think was the point. Kasi they’re stressing out that the main character is a very lucky man).

Jobelle said it was funny because of how ridiculous some scenes and situations were. Hehe.

The effects were very cool. Beri cool i tell you.

For Refreshments in Greenbelt 3 … share ko lang din.

I don’t recommend buying the smoothies (the one with the yogurt)  sa Fuzion, hindi masarap. (understatement) Dun kasi kami bumili. Medyo mahal and hindi kami nasarapan ni jobelle. I mean, kung gusto mo mag smoothies, mag Big Chill ka na lang and try yung madalas ko iniinom after gym – strawberry and banana + calcium boost (yogurt) … mmmm. Masarap pa and healthy. Hindi ka magsisisi.

We also wanted to try Red Mango. There’s one in Greenbelt 3, near cinema 2.  But the line was longer than the movie itself. O.o I don’t wanna wait that long unless it’s a ride sa Disney Sea.

Wala kami picture at all, kasi medyo wasted kaming 3. Ako pagod from photography class and galing pa intra. Si Jobelle galing pa work, from alabang. And si Gel, who has just woken up from his Sunday hangover. ;))

Over all, the movie wasn’t spectacular. Pwede siya pang-date na movie. Pwede siya pang barkada na movie. Pero it’s not the kind of movie na I will happily watch again. Parang transformers 2. haha.

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3 thoughts on “the twenty twelve movie failed my expectations… aww.

  1. Joie

    ask mo si borj about our BIG CHILL surprise >:) ewan ko kung uulet ka pa dito HAHAHA!!!

  2. Jerome Uy

    Ask ko lang po — what smoothie did you have at Fuzion Greenbelt? I’m with them and we’re coming up with a totally new lineup of drinks this summer (admittedly, some smoothies right now taste better than others — pero dapat lahat masarap, di ba?). Also renegotiating prices with our suppliers so we can reduce the prices.

    Provided my email and would love to hear from you, if you have the time. :)

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