how i lost my phone (what really happened)


It was a quiet Saturday evening. The kind that you’d just spend a nice dinner with a loved one and not care about the time. It was a good night, actually. But I wasn’t here for recreation.

My partner and I were inconspicuously (read as “pa-innocent effect”) strolling around greenbelt park. We knew that we couldn’t afford to lose the target tonight. They wouldn’t like that sort of incompetence back in the HQ. So before going to the location, we made sure that we have covered all of the basics in espionage training and brought all equipment needed.

I looked down on my watch, “It’s almost time.” I told my partner.

He just nodded and straightened up his suit. “Is the stealth jet waiting?”

“Hai. I just confirmed.”

“Good, let’s go in.”

The place was not crowded at all, which was surprising since I heard that this was quite a popular dining area in Greenbelt 5. The ambiance was wonderful, and the smell of good tuna dinner was invading my senses. I suddenly wished that I was here on a date and not a mission.

Resisting the urge to pout, I concentrated on the mission at hand. Upon entering the front door of the restaurant, it wasn’t a surprise that we were already being expected. My partner, was the least shocked too.

“There you are.” A man from the far corner said. There were five of them. Them, who were also after our very own mission. They were seated in the far corner of the place, four overgrown, hulking-looking men surrounding the small man in the middle.

He’s the target. But not tonight.

“Did you bring it?” My partner asked.

“Why are you in such a hurry? Why don’t you sit down over here?” He motioned for two of his henchmen to move away. We were treading on unsure waters, and we both knew it. The more we stay, more lives were being put in peril.

“We do not have time. You are aware of that.” My partner said. We took a few steps closer, just enough to give a clue that the exchange should be done as immediate as possible.

I wasn’t speaking much here. I was instructed not to or else our cover will be blown.  I looked to my right side, where I was holding my partner’s arm. He speaks so differently during missions like this. If you would look at him, it seemed like he was relaxed. But when it’s this close, I could feel that his shoulder and arm muscles were tense. As if they’re ready to spring up in case of an attack.

“Very well. Did you bring what I need?” The man asked us.

That was my cue. I carefully opened my purse. Slowly and making sure that they see it to prove that we’re not going to bring out a gun or something. I rummaged a little and finally took  out my mobile phone.  It was a simple nokia N70.

“The card that you want is in there. Hand us first the key.” My partner said.

“Very good.” He smiled. “Give them the key and make the exchange now.”

The key was small. It was golden and it looked plain if you looked at it. As the key was being handed to us, everything happened so fast I barely had time to react. My partner quickly grabbed the key and threw a small smoke bomb in the floor which caused a rapid chaos inside.

Since we were not far from the door, we ran outside to escape. I was holding the phone in my hand with a deathly grip.

“Did you feel something weird about that room?!” I asked my partner while I struggled to not trip on my stilettos.  I was just discovering that they’re not made for running.

“Yes! It was damn rigged with explosive tags! WATCH OUT!!” A swift kunai flew past me, narrowly missing my right arm by a few centimeters.

We ran until the 4th floor, it was a restricted area since the whole floor was still under construction. We could feel the heat from that floor, I guess air conditioning still haven’t reached here. Just near fire exit, we found a tall wall and scampered behind it to hide.

“I have an idea!” He exclaimed, “gimme your phone.”

“What?! We can’t give this to them! It was just the bait!” I held my phone close to my heart. It had a  silver lock accessory dangling on it.

“No, take out the card and I’ll replace the card with something else.”


He grabbed my N70 from my hands and took out the memory card from the side and replaced it with something which I immediately recognized as one of Neri’s inventions. “Come on. We need to do this now,” He explained as he snapped shut my phone. “…or they will catch up with us. Our stealth jet is not here yet!!”

We heard the footsteps rushing to the fourth floor as four of our enemy’s bodyguards chased after us.

“Get it if you want it!” My partner threw my phone as far as he can away from us, distracting their attentions. “Come on. “Then he grabbed my arm and we ran to the nearest stairs that leads to the roof.

I vaguely heard the man behind us, “Forget about them, retrieve the phone now!”

When we finally reached the roof, a strong gust of wind blew past us. The stealth jet was finally here to pick us up.

“What are you pouting about?” I heard my partner asked beside me.

Shortly, I heard an explosion, somewhere in the fourth floor. Good thing there were no civilians on that floor. I guess the explosive card my partner put in my phone worked.

“The dangling Lock keychain on my phone was special to me.  You have the key. ” I pouted. “Now it’s gone.”

“We’ll just buy a new pair. ”

I sighed. We will just get a new pair.

It can be replaced after all, but our lives cannot be.








For the true True Story, please YM me at tgdelacruz.  hehe


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2 thoughts on “how i lost my phone (what really happened)

  1. Kenny

    Hope that there wont be a sequel on that story (in other words, dont lose any more belongings ok?) hehe
    Btw, what was the golden key that you nabbed it for?

    • ahh, it looks like a key but it was just a vessel. It’s secretly infused with chakra from one of the great kage’s in the fire country. It was essential in the resurrection of the guardians.

      We still have a long way to go though, there are 5 of those elemental chakras. We have the water and now the fire.

      By the way, I was able to hold the key after the mission. It was pretty warm when you hold in it your palm. ;)

      Hopefully, in the next missions, I won’t lose anymore personal things. I will sue the agency for this. hehehe

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