Normal Sunday

“Wag na tayo pupunta ng megamall pag 3-day sale!” Jobelle told me awhile ago, holding my arm as we tried squeezing our way out of escalator. We have gone to megamall today, despite of it being overcrowded, in order to claim our Adidas singlet.

Unorganized. -__-

Unorganized. -__-

I sort of wished it more organized.

I brought my camera with me today, hoping to be able to take some shots for my assignment. I wasn’t able to, but I was able to practice anyway. It was difficult to switch modes, changing exposures and other settings. I guess that’s one of the things that will take a lot of time to get used to. Practice!

while in the changing room... :)

while in the changing room... :)

I realized that taking pictures was a little difficult if you’re alone, especially if you’re in a very public place. Let’s say, Divisoria or Baclaran at around 1 in the afternoon. Lately, every time I walk around, I see so many things that I’d like to take a picture of, but I can’t just whip out my SLR. -_- Deathwish.

You see, in the Philippines, people just come out of nowhere and grab your stuff. (well doesn’t happen all the time, but I live and grew up in a city that’s filled with stories of those, so it still makes me paranoid). If they don’t just snatch it from you, they would put a gun or a knife on your back, and persuade you to surrender your stuff. T_T

So, being with friends, increase my confidence in taking pictures while in public places. Actually I plan to ride the PNR one time. I was thinking of asking some of my batchmates to go with me. Rommel and Heff-sama are the ones who I think would enjoy it most… I think. They’re sort of adventures and spontaneous by nature.

Just discovered it today!

Just discovered it today!

Oh, I just discovered Bubbatealicios today. (tagal na ba to?) It was good!! Well, I really liked it. We ordered one cold iced coffee milk tea + sago. mmmmm. It was pretty good.

It wasn’t until around eight when we all planned to go home. We were trying to avoid stores like Mango (kasi I just knew na hindi ko mapipigilan bumili na naman).  By this time, the crowd was still thick, it was amazing.

… oh, will never go back in SM when it’s a 3-day sale. Every shopper seemed possessed or something.

Ready to go home?

Ready to go home?

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